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Early Morning Garbage, Recycling and Yard Wast Collections in Ridgewood


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, due to the high temperatures expected this week, garbage, recycling and yard waste crews will be in your area earlier than usual on Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21. Please have all materials outside and ready for collection THE NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled day.

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15 thoughts on “Early Morning Garbage, Recycling and Yard Wast Collections in Ridgewood

  1. It’s summertime. It’s gonna be hot The rest of June, July and August, so these crews should start by 6:00 AM. It’s smart to beat the heat in the traffic. People can put their canned to the curb, help out the workers and make the cans light so we don’t have any other employees blowing their back apart Like in the past. it should not be any problem, because we bring out our recycling, our yard waste, our cleanup, our brush and wood, to the curb, so there’s no reason why sanitation cannot be at the curb too, it’s not a big deal. I know now we’re gonna have a few people scream and cry. Oh my God my trashcan is at the curb. Oh poor me what should I do? This is an emergency oh my gosh. Now you’re going to see thumbs down on those oh my God I’m gonna call the manager. Please stop, do you think they want to hear your bullshit? Bring it to the curb
    Thank you

    1. You are paid to pick it up in the rear yard.
      I am away weekends so if my cans are at the curb they remain there for 5 days.
      Keep paterson in paterson
      They can pick up 3 am if they want to beat the heat.
      Don’t forget.. its TASK WORK… so they are paid when the TASK is done and they can go home.
      Putting it curbside is nothing more than a $$$$ RAISE so they can go home with less work performed

      1. Yes, the village should definitely accommodate you and your weekend plans.

        1. yes especially as a senior citizen I subsidize the school taxes for you new arrivals from NYC who ruin the town

    2. Why not bring it to the trunk and load it yourself, if you really want to be a hero. I’m sure the crew would love to kick it in the cab with their iced matcha lattes from Dunkin’ while you do your part.

    3. agree 100%.
      let the workers go home when the job is complete…good for them.

  2. 👍. How you doing?

  3. we put our re-cyclying and lawn waste at the reason the trash cant be place at the curb as well on hot summer days…

    1. we PAY for rear yard pickup
      i dont want to look at your cans decorating the curb
      keep your brooklyn attitudes in NYC

      1. liberal elite that never had a callus on his/her hands (silver spoon)

      2. soft ridgewood elite
        grow a sack

        1. Grow a sack, rent a sack, I don’t care. Just take your sacks to the curb as instructed, capiche?

          1. if it goes to the curb a private carter will take your job. No more excess benefits, retirements, holidays or task work

  4. trash is at the curb 2x a week and 52 weeks a year. i don”t need to have the workers retrieve from my yard. if me neighbors have an issue with that …they can pound sand

    1. do you also place chairs in the street in front of your home when snow is removed
      Keep Paterson in Paterson

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