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Eat more bacon; it’s good for you€”really!


JULY 12, 2015    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015, 12:16 AM

Two articles caught my attention last week about one of everyone’s favorite topics—bacon.

The first headlined “High on the Hogs as Herds Rebound,” appeared in the July 3 Wall Street Journal and shared the joyful news that farmers are “on track to produce a record amount of pork this year.”

You may recall in the spring of 2013 the US population of hogs was decimated by an infection called PED, short for porcine epidemic diarrhea. Piglets were born in poor health and many of them didn’t survive more than a few days. It was estimated that anywhere from 7-10 million hogs died and the economics of the U.S. livestock industry being simply one of supply and demand pushed the price of pork to all-time records, and, sadly, bacon along with it.

Fast forward two years and in a startling reversal of fortunes for farmers and bacon connoisseurs, this is all about to change.

2015 is forecast to be a record pork production year in the United States, eclipsing the previous record of 23.35 billion pounds set in 2008.

I can almost hear it sizzling on the griddle!

The price of pork—including bacon—will be dropping as fast as you can say “Budea, budea th, tha, that’s all folks!”

But is eating all that bacon really healthy for you?

One thought on “Eat more bacon; it’s good for you€”really!

  1. I am in 100% agreement with James on this one. Bacon and fats are good for you.

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