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Economics in Education Study Concludes , “academic returns associated with full-day kindergarten are quite low or non-existent,”

October 16,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in his study on Full day vs Half day Kindergarten Philip DeCicca from the Department of Economics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. concludes ,”Academic gains for children who attend full-day kindergarten programs compared to those who attend half-day programs are so short-lived that policymakers should take a hard look at whether the additional cost of full-day programs is worthwhile,

DeCicca explained ,“My findings suggest that, on average, the academic returns associated with full-day kindergarten are quite low or non-existent,”

In the study, DeCicca analyzed kindergarten and 1st grade reading and math test scores for children from 714 schools who attended half-day or full day kindergarten programs.

While children in full-day programs did score higher in reading and math than their half-day counterparts at the end of kindergarten, those gains had evaporated by the end of 1st grade, the researcher reports. This was true for both girls and boys and black and Hispanic children. In fact, Hispanic children who attended full-day kindergarten programs performed worse at the end of 1st grade than children who attended half-day kindergarten.

“The estimated pattern of results suggests that full-day kindergarten substantially raises the math and reading achievement of children of all races,” DeCicca writes. “However, these gains are much smaller in magnitude when measured via similar tests just one year later. In other words, the short-run impact of full-day kindergarten has depreciated considerably by the end of first grade.”

5 thoughts on “Economics in Education Study Concludes , “academic returns associated with full-day kindergarten are quite low or non-existent,”

  1. Those who really believe that full day will cement their child’s academic future will pay for enrichment. Others will plan their own developmental and social activities at home and with friends.

    One year, half day won’t break your bank if you feel that it is essential. After kindergarten they are in full day work/school for the rest of their lives. Enjoy childhood.

    kindergarten has become the new academic competition. So sad for the 5 year olds.

  2. Maybe the kids should vote!

  3. Let 5 year olds be kids. No big government controls – they have at least 12 years to indoctrinate them from grades 1-12

  4. So many people hold their kids back that they are ready for all day K because they are six years old.

    Can’t have it both ways, hold them back and then demand full day K.

    Lets be honest about this. Too many parents hold their kids back because they are “young”, “small” or “not ready”. I do not want all day K because it rewards this type of behavior. Some delusional parents see their kids as geniuses when they are really 6 year olds in kindergarten. Not gifted just at a different developmental stage. It used to be over aged boys, but now the parents og girls are getting into it.

    Stop letting parents hold their kids back. When they come for registeation place them in the grade according to their cut off birthdate. No more gaming the system.

    Let the 5 year olds have developmentally appropriate half day kindergarten and put the 6 year olds in first grade where they belong.

  5. If the BOE felt it was needed, they should add it to the curriculum. Clearly they even believe it is “nice” to have but not “needed”.

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