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Election Integrity: 61% Say Issue Is Very Important

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Ridgewood NJ, preventing cheating in elections is a priority for voters, who expect the issue to be important in next month’s midterm elections.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 84% of Likely U.S. voters believe the issue of election integrity will be important in this year’s congressional elections, including 61% who expect it to be Very Important. Just 13% don’t think the issue will be important. In August, 80% of voters expected election integrity to be an important issue in the midterms. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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7 thoughts on “Election Integrity: 61% Say Issue Is Very Important

  1. One needs to show ID to cash a check, get on a plane, buy a car, get a loan etc etc
    Why isn’t it a requirement to vote?
    Being a sanctuary state giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens simply gets more to vote as a democrats when they check off the box
    RIP USA as we knew it

    1. You have to be registered to vote, and you know this.

      Voter ID laws are used to supress votes, and act as a de facto poll tax, which is unconstitutional.

      1. lol……bigot much ?

        1. Rich and STUPID voter

  2. Election Integrity means different things to different people.

    Gerrymandering districts to favor a particular party or to deny minorities their representation is an affront to election integrity. Election integrity is very important.

  3. Election integrity to many means not having someone trying to steal an election by making false claims about voting integrity. Not having someone trying to pressure elected officials into “finding” votes to get him the win. Not having someone trying to derail the process by replacing college votes with ones in his favor. Not having someone who stirs up a crowd to the point that they try and intimidate the congress to the point that they will overturn a legal and legally verified (by judges he appointed) election.
    Not having continued lies about the rigged election, especially when he and his cronies had made it clear that was what he planned to do if and when he lost.

    1. like Hillary? RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA

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