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Electric Vehicles Won’t Save The Planet And Won’t Even Save You Money

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Ridgewood NJ, Patrick Anderson of Anderson Economic Group has released a new study. As  it turns out, buying a Tesla or another EV won’t save money.

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Anderson looks at the costs and savings over the life of the vehicle and finds that it is true that higher gas prices in 2021 make EVs more financially attractive.

“For most American households, EVs remain more expensive to operate than gas-fueled cars. Most Americans drive mid-priced cars, economy cars, and pickup trucks. For them, the cost of operating traditional vehicles is still less than an EV.”

He finds that EVs cost about 50 cents more per 100 miles drive. So over the life of a car? That is about $500 extra cost. For more expensive commercial vehicles that have to pay full cost for battery charging, the net cost rises to about $4,000.

One huge financial advantage of EVs is that they don’t pay for the maintenance of the roads and highways – i.e. state and federal gas taxes.

That policy can’t continue. Why should relatively affluent EV drivers not pay for the roads in the same way as everyone else?

6 thoughts on “Electric Vehicles Won’t Save The Planet And Won’t Even Save You Money

  1. The idea is that introducing electric vehicles into the mainstream now, would lead to more efficient designs and infrastructure in the future. It’s a long term environmental play, not immediate.

    1. By introducing electric cars it also means that countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia would loose the one reason they are relevant economically eventually. Most of the oil and natural gas used int he world come from places with repressive regimes, getting off this energy dependency hurts them, a very good thing.

      1. we were energy independent under Trump , you can thank the Biden admin for this mess

  2. Taxpayers kicked in $7,500 per car in tax credits (no longer available)
    Nice to have your electric toy subsidized by your neighbors.

  3. Widespread consumer vehicle electrification is a Total Boondogle.

    But reality is optional these days, especially with the woke crowd.

    So, I will continue to make lots of money on Tesla and other “green” plays while rolling coal on the weekends…

  4. What most fail to realizie is that diesel engine is the most energy efficient engine we have. Electric is pipe dream until there is revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology.
    The real truth behind EV is to eventually ground most of the populace.

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