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Elevate Your Smoking Ritual with These 6 Easy Tips

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After a long day at work or school, it is nice to settle in and begin your smoking ritual. If you have been doing the same smoking ritual for a while now and you are looking to elevate your experience, check out these six easy tips to bring your smoking sessions to another level. 

Find A Perfect Smoking Spot

A good smoking session cannot be fully enjoyed without finding the right environment for which to smoke. If you have been using the same spot for a while now, maybe it is time to change things up and find a new place to settle down for smoke sessions. This spot may change depending on the season as well, which is great. That means that sometimes it may be outdoors and sometimes it may be indoors. As long as it is a calming and private place, it will be perfect for your smoking sessions.

Use High-Quality Materials

An elevated smoking experience is not complete without the best materials. If you’re seeking to update your tools, explore the curated selection of smoking essentials at or other online resources. Discover pipes, bongs, and various glass accessories that can enhance your smoking ritual. After a while, smoking accessories can get overused and lose their fun, so it is good to switch them up every once in a while.

Branch Out With Different Strands and Flavors

There are so many varieties of herbs to smoke nowadays that you will never run out of fun new strands or flavors to try. If you have grown sick of the usual stuff you smoke, try to ask your tender if there is anything new in stock the next time you shop. You may be surprised by how much a new flavor or sensation can elevate your smoking sessions.

Plan Creative Activities

A great way to change up your smoking routine is to plan a complimentary creative activity to go along with the creative juices flowing through your brain. This kind of activity may also lead to creative breakthroughs and make you feel productive as you enjoy your high. 

Find A Good Smoking Crew

Smoking is fun on your own, but it can be an elevated experience if it is shared with friends. If you know other people who like to partake, then try to host a group smoking ritual maybe once a week to share the fun of the experience. This offers a great opportunity to swap stories, watch movies together, and best of all, share laughter, which is always the best medicine. 

Regularly Clean Your Equipment

This is one of the most important things to remember, especially if your smoking ritual is a very regular part of your routine. Cleaning your glass equipment is essential in order to have the best experience each time you smoke. Smoking with glass instruments like pipes and bongs causes buildup, so these instruments need to be scrubbed and wiped down regularly so that you are not accidentally inhaling all of the gunk. This will also improve the taste of each smoke because the instruments will be clean and free of any blockages.

Your smoking ritual is unique and sacred, so it is important that you enjoy it each and every time. Follow these tips to get the best out of each session.

One thought on “Elevate Your Smoking Ritual with These 6 Easy Tips

  1. Smoking ritual? After work OR SCHOOL? “Mom, I had a really hairy calculus class this afternoon and I just want to unwind with a little smoke-smoke, y’understand?”

    Listen, I love smoking rituals as much as the next guy. But I also love other rituals a little bit more than the next guy, gnomesayin’? Like, rituals involving mass human sacrifice. WWI … WWII … you fill in the blanks …

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