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Emerson Elects its First Female Mayor

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courtesy of Danielle DiPaola’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Emerson NJ, Emerson has elected its first women mayor . Danielle DiPaola, a longtime Republican councilwoman, running against over development ousted the borough’s Democratic mayor in Tuesday’s election .

According to Tuesday night’s unofficial results, DiPaola received 1,652 votes, while Mayor Louis Lamatina received 1,409. Since 2010, DiPaola has served the borough as a councilwoman.

DiPaola said she decided to run for mayor because she “didn’t like the direction the town was going in,” with particular concerns about overdevelopment in the downtown.

DiPaola said she aims to bring more transparency to government, with plans for televised meetings and an official borough Facebook page.

DiPaola, who served on the borough’s Land Use Board in the past, wants to ensure development in the downtown is done in a “reasonable” way “that isn’t four-story buildings.”

“Everyone has this idea that I’m against development, but I’m not against it,” DiPaola told North jersey media ,“I’m against eminent domain. I would like to move forward and bring positive change to the downtown.”

3 thoughts on “Emerson Elects its First Female Mayor

  1. You don’t wear chinos in November.

  2. Who picks the characteristics that deserve a “first” notation?
    Can we say
    Emerson elects its first short mayor?
    Emerson elects its first brown haired mayor?
    First mayor with glasses?
    First mayor….
    I guess only some “firsts” are noteworthy.
    More importantly do we care as long as she is a competent administrator who defends and protects her town?

  3. Main point is she ran against over developement

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