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Europe Embraces Nuclear Power

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Trenton  NJ, while New Jersey and the  rest of U.S. is debating a gigantic increase in subsidies for wind, solar and electric cars, Europe is slowly but surely discovering the benefits of nuclear power.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has done a U-turn and announced it “makes sense to continue” running the country’s three nuclear plants after their scheduled December 31 shutdown.

A decision to keep the nuclear plants, which provide 6 percent of Germany’s electricity, goes against the ideology of the Green Party, a member of Scholz’s government. But polls show Green voters are changing their minds as prospects of energy rationing this winter loom.

Meanwhile, the Dutch are preparing plans to build new nuclear plants. Prime Minister Mark Rutte won re-election last year on the pledge to “take the necessary steps for the construction of two new nuclear power plants.”

Will the U.S. follow the European example and revisit its refusal to embrace nuclear power?

3 thoughts on “Europe Embraces Nuclear Power

  1. Interesting how the ”no nukes” crowd realized their ”solar & wind” scheme is a scam now embraces logical reliable clean nuclear power.

  2. We would have a nuclear power system now in the USA had it not been for the No Nukes demonstrations and concerts by Lefties in 1979. They conflated nuclear power with nuclear weapons.

  3. We are too stupid to watch out for our own best interests.

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