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Europe’s populist surge fuelled by migrant crisis

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

Budapest (AFP) – Hungarians are poised to reject the EU’s troubled refugee quota plan in a referendum on Sunday, as fiercely anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban rides a populist wave across the bloc.

Following are the main European populist parties that have stoked concerns about the continent’s worst migrant crisis since World War II to boost their support and even enter government in some countries.

– ‘Disgusting worms’ –

– GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) suffered a stinging setback in state elections in Berlin on September 18 in a backlash against her “open-door” refugee policy.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) won seats in the regional parliament with 14 percent of the vote — not far behind the CDU’s 18 percent.

A recently elected Berlin deputy for the AfD reportedly called Syrian refugees “disgusting worms” and said asylum seekers were “parasites which are feeding off the German people”.

Two weeks earlier, the AfD came ahead of the CDU in a northeastern regional poll. It now has seats in 10 out of Germany’s 16 regional parliaments.

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