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Everything Bagel and WHOS Gluten Free are opening their second location in Ridgewood in the fall of 2021

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Ridgewood NJ,  Everything Bagel and WHOS Gluten Free are opening their second location in Ridgewood in the fall of 2021. Freshly baked bagels, as well as gluten-free bagels, along with breakfast and grilled sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and gluten-free pastries and desserts will be sold.

Elliot Cohen and Stephanie Wong, co-owners of Everything Bagel/WHOS Gluten Free in Paramus, sell WHOS Gluten Free products at the popular bagel store at 483 Route 17 South. Elliot Cohen and

Stephanie Wong, among other investors, are uniting to open their second location in Ridgewood at 205 E. Ridgewood Ave.

“We always loved Ridgewood customers and missed them since we sold our Ridgewood location more than eight years ago,” said Elliot Cohen, former owner of Wide World of Bagels in the former Kings (now Green Way) shopping plaza. The expansion is welcome news to customers who have a hard time finding specialty items such as gluten-free fresh bagels and desserts in north New Jersey.

“We have been overwhelmed with happy customers visiting our Paramus store for gluten-free baked goods, so we decided to expand in Ridgewood,” said Cohen. “More and more adults and children are being diagnosed with Celiac disease, as well as other food intolerances, and these customers need to be able to find great bagels, muffins, cookies and desserts, which we bake on premises in our Paramus location. It’s great when people tell you that there is ‘no place’ around that caters to our family, some of which have Celiac, and others who do not.”

Stephanie Wong partnered with Elliot Cohen and started selling her gluten-free items in the Paramus shop in January 2020. In 2011, Wong was diagnosed with Celiac disease and other food-related allergies and sensitivities. In 2013, Wong launched WHOS Gluten Free after experimenting with different recipes and sharing her gluten-free creations with the rest of the world. Now together, the great ‘duo’ are offering
fresh baked goods daily for everyone.

The new Ridgewood location will serve ‘breakfast all day,’ as well as their regular bagels and novelty bagels, unique bagels in different shapes and sizes. Cohen started with the red heart bagel for Valentine’s Day, then created the green shamrock-shaped bagel for St. Patrick’s Day. There are more than 100 specialty bagels for all types of occasions, including birthdays (numbers), holidays and many other events.

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  4. I don’t put any money in the meter. I’m exempt, I’m cheep

  5. Same location as before?

  6. They can take over the Jersey Mike’s location when they move out later this year or first quarter next year..

  7. 4 bagel stores, 7 coffee shops, 6 ice cream parlors, 5 pizzerias, etc etc

    My numbers are not necessarily correct – however, our downtown is still full of empty stores, an empty garage, and it looks like shit.

    The Mayor fiddles while the Village burns 😡!!


  8. Located on ridgewood avenue by bookends.

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