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Ex- Ridgewood Mayor Vies to become  “King of the Black People”

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Ridgewood NJ, always trying to be relevant, after two failed bids for congress and the worst mayoral administration in the history of the Village of Ridgewood , ex mayor Paul Aronsohn is at it again . Now it appears he is  attempting to become  “King of the Black People”.

Arosohns latest move is an opinion piece on editorial page . The piece entitled ,”To NJ’s young people, we say thank you for getting in the way” Aronsohn makes his case for further destroying the Village of Ridgewood by jumping on the “Black Lives Matter” band wagon .

The ethically challenged Democrat commends the “Ridgewood for Black Liberation” ,”A good example of this inspired youth activism is the newly-formed group, “Ridgewood for Black Liberation”, which calls itself “an abolitionist group committed to anti-racist work.” Among other things, the group is calling for changes in the town’s school curriculum as well as the hiring of “more black teachers, staff and leadership” in the Village’s school system. They have been gathering in marches, in teach-ins and online, and they have been driving their message with a commanding mix of passion, persistence and moral clarity. In doing so, they are demonstrating the type of leadership that matters most.”

“Ridgewood for Black Liberation” is a group mostly made up of self entitled teens with a solution looking for a problem.  While no place  is perfect high taxes and lack of school choice do more to segregate and disenfranchise people than any policy or attitude . The group is being promoted by parents, teachers, alumni and local kook fringe groups like JOLT with the misplaced idea that a bunch of spoiled brats from Ridgewood are well suited to speak for the downtrodden. Instead of doing anything positive  the group organized protests to get their name in the paper .

The ex-mayor’s promotion of this group is nothing more than an attempt by him to usurp the group’s youth leadership and be pronounced ,”King of the Black People” .

28 thoughts on “Ex- Ridgewood Mayor Vies to become  “King of the Black People”

  1. Ex Mayor Paul

    The Gift that keeps on costing taxpayers more hard earned money to further an ex mayors career challenges . We thought he moved out of town but i guess he not through
    with us . Unwanted Garage and apartments will cost us plenty for school expansions and overheads .

    Retail is hurting in small towns . When
    Lord and Taylor files for bankruptcy
    that is not a bullish sign for new ridgewood social signaling programs
    By Ex Mayors . We voted his team out .

  2. If NJ was serious about responding to COVID crisis this guy would be the first one to get a pink slip from his patronage job.

  3. Hey Paulie….

    With moves like this, the people of Ridgewood would conclude that…

  4. He’s the biggest asshole in the history of RIdgewood.

  5. He’s a serial adulterer.

    He should clean up his own life before talking about other lives…

  6. He screwed every Ridgewood taxpayer, not just his mistress.

  7. He is beyond embarrassment.

  8. Why are the Dems against School Choice/Vouchers? It’s the most straightforward and obvious solution to the segregation in the schools. I think we can all agree that every kid should get an equal chance to go to a good school…why not let them?

  9. Remember Paulie boy sniffing around Cory Booker? He was drooling, yeah, he was like a lovesick puppy

  10. Oliver: Because school choice/voucher programs are an even more exploitable grift than public education? For all the right’s gripes about the use of public taxpayer money they sure want to funnel it to the people who will misuse it the most. Not to mention that schools created under school choice programs are frequently religion-affiliated, which, according to the US constitution that the right supposedly loves, this would be illegal to find with public money. School vouchers are a scam to allow the folks in power to avoid addressing the real issues with public education.

    1. any evidence ???????????? because from where we stand the public education industrial complex is nothing but graft with a very poor product

  11. I hope that more people that think they are “progressive” have the ability to come around to reality like this Ex-SJW Kerri Smith in this

    We are in a terrible place in the USA right now.

    I drive around and see lots of downed trees but no Utilty Trucks…

  13. There are over 150 out of state utility trucks being staged out of Bergen CC….

  14. Anthony – I’m not limiting the choice to “alternative schools”. Why can’t kids from Paterson go to Ridgewood? It would have to be Ridgewoods kids first, but why not make some seats available to other towns as long as their juicy Abbot money comes with them?

    It’s not always illegal to use tax money for religious schools. That change is one of the main pillars in Trump/Devos’s push for school choice.

  15. Regarding Oliver’s comments: Charter Schools receive much of their funding from the public school budgets and do not have to meet the rigorous state standards an do not have to accept students from the general population as do public schools. Having a disability may keep you off the list. Also transportation is an issue for many if the school district they reside in doesn’t include busing. I will try an send to James a charter school review I have seen. I believe it is non partisan.

  16. ex mayor Paul Aronsohn overwhelming voted into office by ridgewood voters.

  17. I personally agree with letting other children in our schools to help equalize the education. But, I have experienced this with some of our own children, and the result was not good. It was a small school so there was no opportunity to put the students from Paterson in classes based on their present knowledge to catch up with the students currently in the school. As a result they were having to teach addition and subtraction in the second grade which normally had multiplication and division that year. The same held true in all the classes. The school stepped up to its new requirements, but, unfortunately, by being forced to teach all students at the same level –and this school didn’t have the 30 students and under rule to begin with. This wasn’t too bad for the beginning students but was a disaster for the long term students. Our other children either left for 7th grade in BF or graduated from the original school. Most of the parents got together and asked how the school conditions could be improved. Apparently they couldn’t, and a massive exit from the school began. The school was forced to close because they were left with too few students to cover any part of the bills, and it was a heavily subsidized school to begin with. This is a sad story about parents, who were paying heavily to send their children, and decided the education of their children was more important than “equal schooling”. If it had been one of Ridgewood’s public elementary schools, it may have been possible to do it right. The school would have fewer children who needed remedial work in each class and Aides could be sent to work with them. Throwing a few children in the older classes who are substantially behind would require extensive extra tutoring. Throwing some of the top children from poorer schools could be fairly easily handled without having to spend large amounts of money on extra education. This is what the new private schools are doing in the least monied areas, and they are paid from that town’s education budget. Sure, we rescue a few kids, but the schools are left with even less funding to work with. This still isn’t “equal education”. Betsy Devos is not qualified to do anything with schools–there is a long list of horror stories–and cannot begin to offer realistic solutions to anything. Hopefully a new person with extensive educational experience will be appointed after the election!
    Sorry for preaching but this educational system is based on town wealth and nothing more. If we had a national system like Canada or England, at least all schools would be required to teach the same things. There will always be differences in income and IQ–the poorer you are, the less amount of nutritional food is available pre birth and later. The antique statement “You are what you eat” explains the wide gap that is found in children who have had nothing but poor food and whose parents may even use drugs and ignore them. We do have nutritional help for pregnant mothers and young children but not enough of the parents use them. If they care enough to seek out early help, their children will mostly be able to learn. It will cost a ton of money, and an attempt to reduce Generational Welfare. I am an ex social worker and I can assure you I am not talking only other races. I dealt with more Anglos than others before I got switched to working with unwed Mothers. And that too was a very mixed experience!

  18. ex mayor Paul Aronsohn overwhelming voted into office by ridgewood voters

    Ex mayor Paul Aronsohn left office in disgrace, is universally despised, slept with a married council colleague, was brought up on ethics charges for misappropriation of public funds . . . What a guy

  19. School Choice does not equal Charter schools. Charter schools are only one of the potential choices. I’m sure some Charter schools are good and some are bad. That shouldn’t disqualify the entire ecosystem. Bad schools will disappear if the parents can vote with their feet.

    Sure some kids will be behind now. That’s because they have had to suffer through a bad school system from kindergarten. If we let people move around from the begining, it should even out. Yep, the first kids will have a tough time, but we have to start somewhere.

  20. So tremendously difficult to find stories about the charter school grift: (I’m sure most conservatives hate John Oliver but he is funny and right so get over it)

    Look: yes public schools have their own issues with corruption and yes dum dums like Cory Booker are also in on the charter school grift. But ultimately school voucher programs are a ruse to distract people while private companies and politicians raid public coffers. Instead of creating a new cottage industry, our politicians should fix the existing system which works fine most of the time. To respond to another commenter – kids from Paterson shouldn’t have to be bused to a Ridgewood school – their public schools need fixing! No it will not be easy, but taxpayer money being pissed away on for-profit charter schools for similar academic outcomes is not smart.

  21. PSEG has failed to perform as usual.
    First they lie and text that service will return 7am Wednesday…not
    Then they lie and text that service will return 11pm Thursday….not
    Then they text that it will be on 7am Friday….. Still waiting and doubt it.
    From RELIABLE sources….. They always go to the shit hole cities like Paterson and Newark FIRST to restore power so those upstanding residents don’t break into stores and loots since there will be no power to the alarms and security cameras .
    I dare you to prove that statement inaccurate.
    Have you even seen anyone from PSEG assessing damage here in town? I saw a a few trucks on morningside late yesterday.

  22. “Fix the existing system” = give us more money to spend.

  23. “They always go to the shit hole cities like Paterson and Newark FIRST to restore power so those upstanding residents don’t break into stores and loots since there will be no power to the alarms and security cameras . I dare you to prove that statement inaccurate.”

    That sounds about right. You have to tame the beasts first. Civility in Ridgewood has never really been a problem.

  24. You are either missing my point, or intentionally deflecting from it. School Choice does not have to take kids out of the public system and into Charter Schools (although it can). Kids could also go to public schools that are better than the ones where they live.

  25. What’s up with the multiple sneaky affairs?

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