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“Fair Share” Housing and the Secret Democrat Plan to turn NJ-05 Blue

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By Frank Pallotta GOP Congressional Candidate for District 5
“As I have traveled the District these past 18 months, I’ve heard from a number of residents eager to speak openly about a wide variety of issues. They have also been willing to offer both real insight and practical solutions.
Regardless of county or town, there is one matter that consistently comes up. The High-density housing mandates that are being forced upon our State by predatory developers and the extremist wing of the Democrat party are ruining small and large towns across New Jersey – all under the guise of “Affordable Housing”. “

“I want to be clear from the onset: While fewer and fewer places remain affordable in New Jersey due to excessive taxes and fees passed along by liberal politicians, I am not against affordable housing in theory; nor am I against the notion of creating opportunities for anyone to live wherever they choose. Denying anyone the opportunity to rent or buy a home because of their race is abhorrent, illegal and should be dealt with.
Its execution, however, has been horrendous and has decimated local schools, raised local taxes, and required additional taxes for infrastructure, police, and firefighters. Developers receive sweetheart backroom deals, and many avoid paying market rate taxes for up to 30 years – which of course means the tax burden will be passed onto us.
While this social engineering experiment makes developers tens of millions of dollars on a single project, it does extraordinarily little to truly provide actual affordable housing units for the residents of NJ, or for those who can truly use the help, like our Veterans.”
“Like many issues important to NJ-5 residents, Josh Gottheimer has once again been silent, as town after town has been forced to build hundreds, if not thousands of units in our towns – while being sued in the process.
Why has Josh Gottheimer been absent on one of the most critical issues facing the District? Large swaths of Bergen County residents – where Josh happens to live – have been pleading for guidance and relief for years, but to no avail. But why should he care? He moved back to the district in 2015 after 25 years in DC, and still spends little, if any, time here in the District.”
“Josh and his liberal elites wholly agree with this social engineering strategy. Not only is he silent on the issue, but he wants to expand high-density housing further by using mandates from the Federal Government! We CANNOT LET this happen.
Josh Gottheimer and Joe Biden’s plan to destroy the suburbs will force suburban towns nationwide to build thousands of high-density apartments or LOSE Federal Highway and Transportation funds. Josh plans to hold our much-needed federal infrastructure dollars hostage, while he and his developer friends force their way into our counties and townships in an accelerated effort to turn suburban counties from Republican to Democrat.”
“While nearly 2 of 3 Americans oppose these ridiculous unfunded mandates coming from Washington D.C., Gottheimer and Biden plan to hold a proverbial gun to the heads of these small towns, forcing them to erect high-density developments. Over 300 towns have already been forced into settlements in NJ for this round, all without a peep from Josh Gottheimer or the Democrat leadership. Be prepared. The next round of “settlements” is scheduled for 2025.
NJ-5 deserves leadership on this and many other issues. We will not get it with Josh Gottheimer, we will not get it with Joe Biden or Phil, and we will certainly not get it with a Democrat controlled NJ legislature.
I will lead on this issue to prevent the Federal Government from piling on to what is already happening in our district. Trump will make Biden’s war on the suburbs a key issue in the election – and so will I. The President has already warned that Biden would “totally destroy the beautiful suburbs” by “placing far-left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning.”
“It is too important for our schools, taxes, property values and over-crowded streets to have Josh Gottheimer continue to be absent on this extremely critical issue.
A special thanks to Nate Brown from Park Ridge for his valuable assistance on this Frankly Speaking Note. Residents and voters like Nate, will always work to the best interests of our communities and townships.”

12 thoughts on ““Fair Share” Housing and the Secret Democrat Plan to turn NJ-05 Blue

  1. Well….NJ is a liberal state…and it’s now about redistribution… we’re well on our way. A lot of people moving to red states

  2. Stop high density housing!

  3. Stop high density housing. It is ruining our suburbs!

  4. Let us use our imagination a monument please. You are a hard working God fearing tax paying person of color tired of living in a depressed filthy neighborhood. You save your money and buy a home in the suburbs now along comes the government that is supposed to work for you mandating that your tax money goes to enforce unconstitutional laws making your new residence turn into your old residence with your tax money. How do you feel? The reason I feel socialism does not and will not work is that there is no reward for striving to do better. My old neighborhood in New York became filthy and dangerous I did not want to raise my children there i moved to New Jersey higher taxes but worth it I thought then came AFFH no, unfortunately the people that moved here are treating my pristine neighborhood as they did the one I moved out of. It’s not about skin color for me it’s about values. When I watch you with my own eyes you let your children throw trash in the ground and not pick it up I know from experience where my neighborhood is going.

  5. The leader of the Democratic Party just call all Republicans “enemies of the state.” Ms. Pelosi has gone beyond the notion of viewing Republicans as being just deplorable in character but puts All Republicans on the same footing as…..fill in the blank…anyone in our history that we fought against to preserve life, liberty, and happiness. As the current leader of the Democratic party, she is offering that all in the GOP fall into the same bucket as the worse humanity has or had to offer.

    Matters such as high density housing pale in comparison as the wall we build to protect our borders may very well be the same wall that Republicans are stood up against. High density housing has come to our backyard. Most did not want it but we accepted it. Any powerful leader, right or left, declaring you to be an enemy of the state due to your political association has more in mind for your backyard and you will not like that either.

  6. The village mafia ( ruling class) approved all of these slums
    And have moved onto their next victims and opportunities voters .

    Their crap stays behind .next issue
    Where the hell do put the influx
    Of new Apt school kids plus the NYC
    BEAUTIFUL People who ran screaming from the ghetto that NYC HAS BECOME & are now

  7. The biggest threat to the “suburbs” is the people fleeing the malaise they created in NYC.
    Because after settling in, they will be running for school boards and creating social change organizations. Hell, they might even begin to host aspiring politicians at fundraisers.
    Where will they go after they screw up the new neighborhood?

  8. where is Roberta when so needed ? HA !!! we will Fix that FER yee Paulie on the lamb ..

  9. All these individuals in their followers ruined this down. So corrupt they know they are piece of shit . They know what they were doing they didn’t care because they were leaving.

  10. Turn NJ-05 Blue ???????????
    Isn’t it Blue already???
    I know RW rolled over years ago….

  11. Well said, Joe Ferrandino!!

  12. Vote Frank Pallotta!

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