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Fatcho Shack in Ridgewood Soft Opening August  24-25 from Noon to 7 p.m

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photos courtesy of Fatcho Shack

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Ridgewood NJ, Robert Cho the owner of Kimchi Smoke Barbecue in Westwood, is introducing new and innovative food offerings at the Fatcho Shack in Ridgewood. Fatcho Shack  will be located at 2 Godwin Avenue and is scheduled for a soft opening on August  24-25 from noon to 7 p.m . Fatcho Shack’s menu, he said, will feature classics like brisket, pork shoulder, and pastrami. According to Robert Cho , “Fatcho Shack is not fusion food. It is not Korean barbecue. It is a barbecue.”


Kimchi Smoke Fatcho Shack

5 thoughts on “Fatcho Shack in Ridgewood Soft Opening August  24-25 from Noon to 7 p.m

  1. Like Circolo in Waldwick, no one will know from the name ‘Fatcho’ what will be served on the inside. Hope they do a better job of communicating. It matters.

  2. Agree that this small business with not get the name recognition boost. Location is also a negative unless they plan to use door dash or have their own delivery service. It is great to see small businesses set out with a strong business plan that takes into account all the factors. This owner has had success at his other restaurant and I wish him the best for this one. Is there still time to change the name to Barbecue Shack?

  3. Yup, just gotta have a cool name…and nobody knows what it means.
    Business 101..keep it simple.
    Good luck. Your gonna need it.

  4. The “fat” part of the name will be a turnoff on an unconscious level for some

  5. Only sending positive vibes to this new business. Unlike the trolls that have previously posted.

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