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FBI questions aides to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, report says


FBI questions aides to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, report says

HOBOKEN — FBI agents have begun questioning aides to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer as they investigate her allegations that members of the Christie administration pressured her to support a development project in exchange for Hurricane Sandy relief money, according to an NBC News report.

According to the report, Dan Bryan, Zimmer’s chief of staff, and Juan Melli, her communications director, are among at least five witnesses Zimmer told the FBI could confirm earlier conversations she said she had about the threats from the administration.

On Saturday, Zimmer told MSNBC that she was pressured by the Christie administration to approve a development deal with the Rockefeller Group, alleging Hoboken would get Sandy relief aid if she agreed to support the project. (Nix/Star-Ledger)

2 thoughts on “FBI questions aides to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, report says

  1. It is very hard to believe that a mayor of a large city would withhold information that would greatly impact her constituents lives tremendously. Nobody would believe her? If it proves to be true she should be fired for incompetence. Not following up with that excuse smacks of laziness. A fishing expedition?

  2. Any news on DeBlasio and PlowGate?

    Can’t wait to read, see, listen to the news frenzy over this , followed by the outrage and investigations…

    Maybe not… guess it’s a non-issue since this political punishment is initiated by a liberal.

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