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FCC Votes to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules: What You Need to Know


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Ridgewood NJ, in a significant move that could reshape the landscape of the internet, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted yesterday to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules. The decision marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over internet regulation and consumer rights.

What exactly does this mean? The regulations essentially treat internet service as a public utility, placing it in the same category as telecoms or water. This implies that broadband companies are required to treat all data equally, without showing favoritism or charging extra for access to certain websites. This principle, known as net neutrality, aims to ensure a level playing field for all internet users and prevent broadband companies from exerting undue influence over online content.

The FCC first implemented net neutrality rules back in 2015, citing concerns that without them, broadband companies could potentially throttle internet speeds or charge additional fees for access to popular websites such as Netflix and YouTube. These rules were seen as crucial safeguards to maintain a free and open internet for all.

However, in 2017, the Trump-era FCC made the controversial decision to repeal net neutrality, arguing that the rules were unnecessary and stifled innovation. Since then, there have been numerous allegations that broadband companies have engaged in practices such as throttling access to video streaming sites and even impeding emergency services, as seen in the case of the Santa Clara County Fire Department during a wildfire. While some companies have attributed these incidents to customer service errors, they have reignited calls for stronger net neutrality protections.

In a related development, the FCC also approved T-Mobile’s $1.35 billion deal to acquire the parent company of budget phone provider Mint Mobile. This acquisition could have implications for the wireless market and consumer choice in the telecommunications industry.

Overall, the FCC’s decision to reinstate net neutrality rules is likely to have far-reaching consequences for internet users, broadband companies, and the broader digital economy. It represents a renewed commitment to preserving the principles of a free and open internet, where access to information is not dictated by corporate interests. As the debate over internet regulation continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how these new rules will shape the future of the online world. Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.


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3 thoughts on “FCC Votes to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules: What You Need to Know

  1. This is the extension of Obama’s policy. The government is in control of the Internet! NO this is wrong and should be fought.

    1. Correct. It is THE EXACT OPPOSIT of neutrality.

  2. The last thing you want is the government in control of anything, especially if Obama is involved. Look at the destruction of the country now!

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