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Feed the Frontlines Celebrates the Conclusion of it’s Successful Campaign


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, after successfully fulfilling its mission to deliver $1 million in economic relief to local restaurants and 100,000 hot and healthy meals to those facing food insecurity in Bergen County, the HealthBarn Foundation and its partners are committing to continuing the ‘Feed the Frontlines: Helping Those In Need’ initiative.

Yesterday 50-60 people gathered in attendance , including volunteers, and  participating restaurants. The event was held at Habernickel Park at Healthbarns offices .

Some of the headline attendees were Mayor Susan Knudsen , Assemblyman Chris DePhillips, Bergen County Commissioner Ramon Hache , Bergen County Commissioner and Bergen County Food Security Task Force Member Tracy Zur,  Tara Colton  New Jersey Economic Development Authority [NJEDA] Executive Vice President , Stacey Antine  HealthBarn Foundation Founder and Director , Scott Lief  Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce President, Susan Colacurcio Franciscan Community Development Center and Bergen County Food Security Task Force Member, Jeanne Johnson and Jennifer Williams (coordinated all 400 volunteers on transportation), Paul Vagianos, “Its Greek to Me” owner/operator , Izzy Yanay, Keum Sook Park – “Sook” owners/operators and Ridgewood Chief of Police Jacqueline Luthcke.

4 thoughts on “Feed the Frontlines Celebrates the Conclusion of it’s Successful Campaign

  1. Amazing work by these individuals. Congratulations to all!

  2. Thank goodness. It seems as though we heard about their success every 10 minutes. Glad they’ve finally stopped tooting their own horns. Hope this is the last we hear from that bunch.

  3. That edifice looks like Habernickel ?

  4. Move on so we all can. Healthbarn is a business sucking resources from the town

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