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Fights, arrests after 300 youths converge on N.J. downtown

CBD high density housing

James – you should post about the ruckus last night in village of South Orange by 300 ‘youth’

The future of the village of Ridgewood once the urbanists have had their way with downtown.

Fights, arrests after 300 youths converge on N.J. downtown

By Noah Cohen | NJ Advance Media for
on May 02, 2017 at 2:46 PM, updated May 03, 2017 at 12:37 AM

SOUTH ORANGE — Police plan to boost patrols after officers from several departments were needed to disperse at least 300 young people who gathered in downtown South Orange late Saturday, sparking fights and blocking traffic.

South Orange Police Chief Kyle Kroll said Tuesday the crowd contained a mix of village teens and others from nearby communities, including Newark, East Orange and Irvington residents, who apparently arrived by public transportation.

The unruly crowd formed around 8 p.m. and kept officers busy until around midnight, according to police. Kroll said he requested assistance from the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, Maplewood and Orange police as altercations broke out among the throngs of teens and young adults.

“We just didn’t have enough officers to handle a crowd that large,” the chief said. “The agreement we have with surrounding [police departments] worked out well.

7 thoughts on “Fights, arrests after 300 youths converge on N.J. downtown

  1. Youths, teens, young adults…how about punks, thugs, delinquents? Nothing like a good euphemism to keep the masses clueless…

  2. They ‘gathered’? Catholic parishioners ‘gather’ for Sunday mass. 300 up-to-no-good ‘youths’ don’t ‘gather’. They ‘descend’ upon innocent victims. Or, they threateningly ‘converge’ on helpless targets.

  3. ‘Disperse ye, wayward youths!’ Yeah, that works. Enough to get a couple of dozen ‘youths’ to roll your fancy new South Orange Police patrol SUV onto its roof. Law abiding ‘protesters’ might be cajoled into ‘dispersing’. Surely, the local constabulary had to put a somewhat ‘stronger grip’ on these ‘youths’ to get them to rethink their original plans and, umm… ‘de-gather’.

  4. Darned Amish, always causing a ruckus.

  5. This is complete bullshit…comparing SO to Ridgewood because of development is absurd. Get e grip people…progress is coming, like it or not.

  6. I saw the headline and thought it was Backwoods.

  7. 12:45 – yes, West Orange has ‘progressed’ a lot. They are very ‘progressive.’ And I am sure they are loving the ‘progress’ a lot.

    At least the ones left behind. The smart ones have already escaped the onslaught of so much and such amazing ‘progress.’

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