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Fireworks at Ridgewood Village Council Meeting

Mayor Susan Knudsen

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Kundsen took to task some of her detractors on Wednesday night calling residents Jeanne Johnson comments “offensive, inappropriate  and entirely inaccurate” , then went further accusing Ms. Johnson of bullying .

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Johnson accused the Mayor of making “unhinged accusations” and bullying . She went on to bad mouth and bash the Mayor with nothing substantive. Even stooping to calling up images of Tyler Clementi and even suggesting the Village of Ridgewood reputation is suffering . Ms. Johnson, Ridgewood’s reputation has been suffering for a very long time .

Jeanne Johnson responded trying to play the victim and on the Ridgewood Walks Page ,You’ve referenced this post multiple times at Village Council meetings. Last night you said it was incumbent upon me to make sure that the information I post is accurate. Well, according to the Village website and the news articles I read nothing is inaccurate about this post. If this information is untrue, please, by all means correct the record here, or, as I said last night, report accurate information to begin with. Also, your diatribe toward me last night reflects poorly on you. Attacking a resident from the dais in an unhinged manner is not becoming of a representative of our beautiful community. It’s note worthy that multiple people commented on your behavior during the debate and last night. They came to the same conclusion. Many of those people stood in line to vote for you in past elections. That’s not their plan this time around. For the record, I respect your ambition, I appreciate your service and I wish you well.”

Johnson is clearly oblivious to her bad behavior. As a reminder Jeanne Johnson was one of the “master minds” behind the suicide bike lane and “traffic easing” , that has added significantly to traffic congestion and created a dangerous situation for cyclists . Now she claims to speak for all Ridgewood residents as too the pedestrian mall  and claims to have lots of data to support it . Well it didn’t work for Hackensack the town many residents are looking to turn Ridgewood into .




6 thoughts on “Fireworks at Ridgewood Village Council Meeting

  1. A few years ago at the fall festival people were waiting in line for the horse-drawn carriage ride. Little children, parents, grandparents waited in a fairly long line.

    Picture this: the wagon pulls up. The kids at the front of the line are about to be rewarded for their patient waiting.

    Out of nowhere comes Jeanne Johnson waving some sort of pennant and leading a group of people on one of her “walks.” She walks right to the front of the line and puts her group of walkers onto the wagon. I called her out on this (I was just getting off the wagon with my grandchildren) and she declared that they were VIP’s. You should have seen the kids at the front of the line whose wait suddenly was not over

    Jeanne Johnson has a lot of nerve calling anyone else a bully.

  2. They actually had VIPs for the wagon come on, typical putting your nose up in the air. What a shame. Sneaky, then you wonder why people are moving out of Ridgewood and Ridgewood has a bad name. It’s amazing when you get a few towns away from Ridgewood and you talk to people, most people don’t like Ridgewood, and contractors most of them don’t even want to be bothered with the bullshit that goes on in the town. Hey this is not coming from me this is coming from the people that I had conversations with.

  3. It has been painful to observe the ego, entitlement, and faux indignation around here (and probably nationwide), fed no doubt by easy access to mass communication via social media, making people think anybody cares what they think about anything.

    Johnson is a great big nobody who needs to shut the *** up.

  4. The top brass is full of dog poop.

  5. Time for new blood.

  6. bullying from the Dias…has Jeanne ever gone to meetings…all the 3 amigos did was bully. a whole neighborhood ( Habernackel ) was laughed at a bullied by them…hence now we have a business in the park.

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