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Fishbein: Planning for the future


Fishbein: Planning for the future
Friday, January 31, 2014

Over the next year, you’ll be hearing more and more about a new district plan that promises to make a dynamic impact on our mission of excellence. Called 1:1 (One to One), it’s an initiative that aims to partner the tools of technology with the skills of our professional educators with the goal of raising student success to new levels.

The 1:1 program planned for Ridgewood is designed to enhance instruction and improve learning by supplying one computer device to every student, for use both in the classroom and at home. This is not a new idea – in fact, two Bergen County high schools have had 1:1 instruction in place for the past eight years. But it is a concept which time has come for the Ridgewood Public Schools.

How does 1:1 differ from the technology already in place in Ridgewood classrooms? A while ago the Board of Education adopted a formal goal to integrate computer technology into our learning environment and as a result, we have longstanding policies and programs in place at this point in time, with numerous computers in our buildings available for use by our students and teaching staff.

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  1. Just don’t increase the property taxes for it, please.

  2. Didn’t you read the post – he’s planning for the future – his!

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