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Five Unlocked Vehicles Were Entered, and Rummaged Through in One Night in Glen Rock

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Glen Rock NJ, on Monday January 24th following a report of a suspicious incident on Delmar Avenue, Glen Rock Police officers canvased the area and found that numerous homes on Delmar Avenue, Ackerman Avenue and Jerome Avenue had footprints in the snow leading up to vehicles parked in their driveways. The vehicles that were locked were not damaged or entered. Five vehicles, which were left unlocked, were entered, and rummaged through.

As of the time of the reports the owners were not able to determine if anything was taken from the vehicles. Video surveillance footage recovered by officers is being reviewed by the Detective Bureau. Glen Rock, and communities throughout our region, are continuing to experience an uptick in stolen vehicles and thefts from vehicles. The common denominator is that these vehicles are unlocked. During 2021 there were a total of 439 high end vehicles stolen in Bergen County. Seven of those were from Glen Rock. Just after January 1 st we experienced yet another stolen vehicle, which was recovered after it crashed in Newark. While numerous arrests have been made, the numbers continue to increase.

Vehicle owners are strongly encouraged to lock your vehicle, lock your house, lock your garage, lock your shed, do not leave valuables visible inside your vehicle and never ever leave your key fob in your vehicle. These crimes are occurring all over town at all hours of the day and night.

The Glen Rock Police Department would also like to thank those residents who have been promptly reporting incidents to us and providing us with video footage from their home security systems.
Warning: If you see someone trying to enter your vehicle, call 911 do not confront them!

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  1. Key word…. UNLOCKED

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