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Former NJ Assemblyman Schroeder Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison


By Max Pizarro • 02/06/17 5:21pm

Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced that former New Jersey Assemblyman Robert Schroeder (R-Bergen) was sentenced to prison today for stealing nearly $1.9 million from individuals who loaned him money for a business venture in North Dakota and writing over $3.4 million in bad checks to other creditors who loaned him money or provided goods and services for his various companies, including All Points International Distributors, Inc., which sold tents and prefabricated buildings to the U.S. military.

4 thoughts on “Former NJ Assemblyman Schroeder Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

  1. Your friend Bernie?

  2. Guess Atlantic Stewardship won’t be getting paid…lending to creeps like this is part of their “thithing program”….

  3. He will do a year, get released and never make restitution.
    Crime pays in NJ due to our broken judiciary system.
    Go ask coin boy if you don’t believe me…

  4. Where is the Village and Council on restitution from Timmy “coin boy” Rica and friends?

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