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Former Ridgewood Mayor in the Eye of the Storm as Governor Murphy faces continued questions over his hiring practices

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Governor Phil Murphy is facing continued questions over his hiring practices after a pair of former campaign workers who joined his administration recently left amid scandal, and a third was suspended for using raw language on social media. The BLOG would like to know when Murphy will wise up and get rid of local philanderer Paul Aronsohn, who was hired by our governor to be the Ombudsman for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families.

Aronsohn, as we Ridgewoodites know, was found guilty last November of an Ethics Violation. The Local Finance Board fined Aronsohn and then-manager Roberta Sonenfeld for using public funds to promote their personal agenda regarding the parking garage. You can read all about it, in case you have forgotten, at:

The Ridgewood blog previously reported , that on November 13, 2017, the New Jersey Local Finance Board (LFB) issued Notices of Violation to the Village of Ridgewood’s former Mayor and former Village manager for authorizing and appearing in a video that advocated only one side of a referendum question that was pending before Village voters. ( )

The ethics complaint was filed on June 13,2016 by the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s Open Government Advocacy Project with the Local Finance Board–the agency that enforces the Local Government Ethics Law.

The complaint alleged , “Mayor Aronsohn’s statement in the video that its purpose is to educate and inform the public about this issue, the video goes well beyond providing neutral facts. Rather, the video is clearly an advocacy piece intended to persuade Village residents to vote “yes” on the proposal. For example Mayor Aronsohn made the following statements at the noted times in the video.”

The Notices of Violation, issued against former Mayor Paul Arohnson and former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld, both arose out of a June 21, 2016 referendum question which sought $11,500,000 in bonds or notes to finance the cost of constructing a new parking deck. Under New Jersey law, government officials may use public resources to educate ,but not to persuade voters on public issues.

The LFB concurred and found that the one sided video was persuasive and not purely educational because it advocated only one side of the question and “urg[ed] citizens to vote ‘yes.'” Using public resources to persuade voters to vote “yes” on a referendum is unfair because the referendum’s opponents do not have access to those resources and have to use private resources to distribute their message.

Arohnson and Sonenfeld, by supporting and appearing in the video, were found to have “attempt[ed] to use [their] official position[s] to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages for [themselves] or others in violation of N.J.S.A. 40A:9-22.5(c).

13 thoughts on “Former Ridgewood Mayor in the Eye of the Storm as Governor Murphy faces continued questions over his hiring practices

  1. How is it going Paulie and Bert? Feeling the walls closing in on ya?

  2. Aronsohn always looks like a doe in the headlights. Except does are innocent and not devious.

  3. Aronsohn is a joke.
    Many would consider his failed political “career” as a case study in ‘How to be Unsuccessful by Clumsily Implementing Questionable Practices and Poor Decisions”.
    I mean if you employ questionable ethics at least have the skills to benefit from them.
    Let’s see if he has enough skills to hold onto his curent patronabge job ( which would normally go to the wife of a top campaign donor)

  4. He should have followed the Carpetbaggin’ Josh playbook…

  5. Didn’t he have an affair with another council person too while both were involved with the town?

  6. Man, was he so very, very bad for our town. I wouldn’t give him a second thought now, but he is siphoning off tax money for what ever useless “work” he is now supposed to be doing.

  7. Hey, property taxes keep rising despite declining values! Gotta pay for those $10 billion+ in annual benefits payed to NJ state public sector pensioners despite only $75bn in NJ public pension assets… not to mention their free healthcare. And 8.5% of the entire population of the state is either an active or retired public sector employee. The math doesn’t work.

  8. We know the math doesn’t work and all the scumbags in the unions who have been screwing the taxpayers of nj for year know the jig is up. No bailouts this time round boys…now it’s your turn to be screwed.

  9. Anonymous said ……..scumbags in the unions who have been screwing the taxpayers of nj ……now it’s your turn to be screwed.

    In your dreams!!! We all know that your just a moronic hate monger. You have been spewing the same hate here for years Charlie.

  10. I see the same thing happening in New Jersey…..

    A Baltimore circuit judge has ruled that city officials broke their contract with many police officers, firefighters and retirees in 2010 by cutting a key pension provision that has cost retirees millions in pension benefits.

    Judge Julie R. Rubin ruled Tuesday that former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s overhaul of pension benefits “unlawfully withdrew” a variable pension benefit that paid out more money to retirees when the stock market improved.

  11. Isn’t “eye of the storm” a slight exaggeration? They probably laughed off that ethics fine in Trenton or never knew about it or cared.

  12. What part of the math doesn’t work don’t you Union layabouts understand?
    And the same newspaper above that published your article in January published and article 3 months later stating how corrupt the judges in the same circuit are. Nice try.
    The best part about this is that you will continue to scoff at the taxpayers and that’s fine… We have some nice surprises in store for you.

  13. Picture tells a sad story.what were the voters thinking….??

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