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Former Ridgewood Village Candidate Melanie McWilliams Endorses Bernadette Walsh and Jeff Voight

Melanie McWilliams

Hi All!

I want to say thank you so much to everyone who supported my choice to run for Village Council.

I really wanted to do it and to be a part of helping the town I love, preserve its character. I wanted to be a part of the process and I still will be.

The election is a numbers game, and we had too many chefs in the soup. If someone had to take one for the team and step aside, I am happy to have been that person. If it enables stability, common sense, and independent thinking to return to our council, then it is for the best. I apologize for the years of laughs I won’t be there to provide you, but hey, you can’t win them all! Council meetings would surely have been more interesting with me involved- in a good way!

And I’m not done. I plan to run in 2 years, and do my part at that time.

There ARE other excellent candidates, and I throw my whole hearted support behind Bernadette Walsh and Jeff Voight. They are excellent, proven, trusted leaders. I ask anyone that had been in support of me, to please throw your support behind these 2.
Thanks again to all of you.

Melanie McWilliams

29 thoughts on “Former Ridgewood Village Candidate Melanie McWilliams Endorses Bernadette Walsh and Jeff Voight

  1. Melaine should have run. She is a strong candidate. She worked so hard for the No 2 BCIA campaign and she loves the town.

  2. Thomas Wolfe said it best, you can’t go home again….

  3. I agree!

  4. We all know what happened here. Hudson City politics is alive and well in Ridgewood. Because the 3 Amigos are not running doesn’t mean that we are done with there kind of politics . Some of us have heard what happened to you Melaine and it will come out. I for one would have told then screw you and run anyway. Let the chips fall where they may but I respect you decision

  5. What happened? I assume there was pressure for one of 4 to drop so it is clear who to endorse…was there something else?

  6. Okay, out with it. What happened to Melanie. Who did the squeezing and pushed her out?

  7. You think Melanie could be squeezed that easily?? I don’t think so. She can dish it out AND take it. I’m sure there’s a reason for all of this and we will see what it is when we are meant to. I don’t think ANYONE intimidated her out of a run. I believe that she stepped aside to allow for more people who were independent thinkers to step in. I think she really wanted what was best. I hope to see more of her.
    Who knows. We weren’t there though.

  8. What does she mean by”someone had to take one for the team and step aside”? What team?

  9. Obviously the side that includes Walsh, Voigt, and Heche. The side who holds similar beliefs to her. The side who wants the policies of Arohnson et al. to cease. Split votes between 4 candidates makes them all weaker obviously.

  10. Or she means It as a euphemism..? Why impose a negative intent?
    Sounds to me like she wanted independent thinkers and not more of the block voting that has been in place for years.

  11. Well, she didn’t speak in favor of heche, 2:45. Only Walsh and Voight….

  12. 4:48pm “independent thinkers”? seriously?

  13. It’s difficult to speculate on the reasons

  14. My guess is, three candidates that are anti-Aronsohn (Walsh, Hache, Voigt) are stronger as 3 instead of 4. Much better chance against the candidates of the old guard. Bernie I already know. I reached out to Hache on his cell phone. Seems like a very bright guy. Long-time Ridgewood guy with no-nonsense kind of attitude. He coached my neighbors kids. Waiting to hear back from Voigt.

  15. She’s an adult and made an adult decision. I commend her for her honesty. She would have had my vote but I agree with what she said.

  16. The three Amigos do not think independently. They act in concert. This was evident when a particular one of their number unexpectedly had to vote first and didn’t know how to vote yet!

  17. I love this, time to clean house.

  18. The top brass are scared.

  19. Gwenn basically did the same thing. She knew the stronger candidates were a group that didn’t include her so she stepped out of the mix to help her team. The moral of this whole story is that we need people to get out and vote and send them packing once and for all.

  20. Wait–Hauck changed her mind????

  21. What mind 7:59

  22. LOL, 8:05!

  23. OK, not her mind…her plan. I’m very excited. So is the Valley Foundation to have their girl back! GOODBYE, AIRHEAD.

  24. I wonder who Paul Vagianos and John Saraceno are backing.

  25. Well you know its not Bernadette Walsh and Jeff Voight. 9:13.

  26. 9:13. Paul is supporting his best friend Brooks. paul went to law school with Gail.


  28. We are so lucky to be DONE with the three of them. Thank God for all our hard work to get rid of them. Word is that Albert and Gwenn had tons of trouble getting anyone to sign their petitions. Why? Because they have antagonized and infuriated eveyrone from all walks of life in this town. Good riddance to them, so glad they will be gone soon. Prayers are answered.

  29. Great move Mrs. Mcwilliams. You got my vote 2018!

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