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Franklin Lakes Residents Come out in Force Telling Borough officials NO to a Proposal to Build Enormous 640-unit Multi-housing Development

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tthe staff of the Ridgewood blog

Franklin Lakes NJ, Franklin Lakes residents came out in force telling borough officials they want nothing to do with a proposal to build an enormous 640-unit multi-housing development on the 89-acre IBM/Express Scripts property off Parsons Pond Drive. Over 300 residents from the borough and adjacent Wyckoff attended the combined Franklin Lakes Borough Council and Planning Board information session held at Franklin Avenue Middle School on Wednesday night. During the four-hour session, the residents asked many questions, but mostly they voiced objections to the plan.

The borough entered a nonbinding memorandum of understanding with the S. Hekemian Group to consider its proposal to build 585 units on the site. The plan calls for 325 apartments, and 15% of them, or 49, would be affordable housing units. It also calls for 260 townhomes, and of those, 20%, or 52 units, would be affordable. Also included is 50,000 square feet of retail space.

Residents raised concerns over traffic, the environment and schools and representatives of the S. Hekemian Group the developer and Franklin Lakes borough officials repeatedly said the plan was preliminary.

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12 thoughts on “Franklin Lakes Residents Come out in Force Telling Borough officials NO to a Proposal to Build Enormous 640-unit Multi-housing Development

  1. Can’t stop, willn’t stop!

  2. Wow, hell bent to plough through every single lot they can find in the suburbs. This avalanche of destruction will see suburbs erased once and for all.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. People work hard and save in order to move to nice towns and get away from the shitholes
    The liberal NJ State Supreme court gave us the ‘Mount Laurel’ nonsense forcing those of us in the nice towns to accomodate those from the shithole cities that we worked so hard to get away from.
    Watch crime rise in whats left of the suburbs as these new ‘dependents’ move in

  4. If it can’t be built in Franklin Lakes, perhaps it can be built in Ridgewood. The creation of new affordable housing could bring diversity and migrants to the village, which would enrich the community.

  5. They have a nice building, called the old valley hospital turn that into housing. The building is there already. It would be perfect. not to mention plenty of parking with the cafeteria cleaning service nurses station. It’s perfect think about it.

  6. Would NEVER Happen in Ridgewood.

    We are too

  7. You see what is going on in Paramus. My gosh, turning strip malls into housing.

  8. “It will never happen in Ridgewood”
    It already is my friend…you just don’t know it.
    Just wait until you see the plans for valley.
    The NIMBY’s heads are going to pop off.

    1. The “…Residents Come out in Force Telling Borough officials NO…” is what will never happen in Ridgewood.

      Try to keep up.

  9. Oldest trick in the developers book, ask for 640-units and settle for 450. Hekemian is a Hackensack company, see where this is going?

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