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Fun Activities to Try in Thailand

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If you love exploring the world, then you should make Thailand your next destination. Thailand is among the leading tourist destinations in South East Asia. Tourists praise it for its spectacular beaches, magnificent temples, and modern urban setting with all amenities that make life worth living. Visitors also enjoy meeting the country’s hospitable locals who would make them realize why Thailand is referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles.’ However, many visitors find it challenging to narrow down their ‘to do’ list with so many attractions and hotspots in Thailand. We have carefully selected and discussed various fun activities you can try in Thailand to help you out and enhance your touring experience. Check them out:

Watch a Thai Fight

You have probably heard of a Muay Thai fight, but have never watched it live. By visiting Thailand, you will have an opportunity to get a live experience of the battle. You can set aside time to watch that unique boxing, which involves eight limbs, including the fists, the knees, elbows, and the shins. You will find fighting rings across all Thailand cities, with Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok being the best and most dominant. However, you have to pay the entry fee to view the fight. So you should budget for the same. You can also get Muay Thai training offered at various Thailand institutions at a cheap cost. 

Get the Ultimate Party Experience

Thailand is rich with clubs, bars, and entertainment centers with the best world deejays, artists. These places will give you a real music experience by listening and viewing live performances. You will also punch your mind by taking your favorite drink and enhance your clubbing experience by dancing with beautiful Bangkok ladies and gentlemen. As mentioned by the founders of Real Gentleman’s Club, a great club experience can help you forget about the outside’s negativities, lose track of everything else, and focus on maximizing your fun. It also offers you the best way to spend the night hours as you spare the daytime exploration. Visit the best party joints in Thailand to have ultimate fun.

Have a Thai Massage

If you are used to regular oil massage, then you might be in for pleasant surprises. Unlike Western massage, there is no use of equipment. First, the masseuse will have you lay on a mat, which eases their work and gives you a range of motion compared to a tabletop. The masseuse then moves around your body to access different angles at various parts of the body. Typically, the massage involves the use of the legs and feet to impact sufficiently on the client’s arms, shoulders, back, hips, etc. Although the massage consists of a lot of hitting and smacking, its relaxation effects are felt profoundly and more extended than Western massage. Thai massage is also pocket-friendly, ranging from $ 6 to $10.

Visit Thailand’s Floating Markets

Thailand has various floating markets with fantastic commodities to offer with Damnoen Saduak dominating the market. It is located approximately 100 km away from Bangkok city. Thus, you can get the real voyage experience as you move along the market with a canal. If you love taking photos and videos, the open wooden canal will allow you to capture anything which appeals to you for future reference. You can also send the pictures to friends and relatives as a way of sharing your touring experience. Ensure that you don’t eat before the voyage since you will encounter millions of Thailand fruits and natural foods waiting for you on the way. 

Take the Aerial View of the Bangkok City

Photos help to keep real memories of our touring experiences. For reference purposes, you can capture an aerial view of Bangkok City. Such images will help you in locating your favorite spots in the future. They will also motivate you to make a return visit. However, you don’t have to board a plane to take the view. Instead, you need to climb the abandoned skyscraper located at the heart of Bangkok town called the Sathorn unique tower. The Sathorn unique will give you access to the most magnificent views of Bangkok city. All you need is to make a small payment to the security guards to allow for your access. From its top, you can take an aerial view of the entire town, provided you have a high-quality camera.

Thailand is your perfect destination. It has all amenities that give meaning to life. You will get the ultimate party experience, the best fruits, and natural foods at Thai floating markets, and the fabulous Thai massage. You would view the great Bangkok town using the Sathorn Unique skyscraper. However, you need to budget for these activities since you have to pay some fees.

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