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Garbage Truck Slams Into Tree In Hawthorne

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hawthorne NJ, a tandem axle garbage truck smashed into several trees in the 400 block of Goffle Hill Road, Hawthorne on Tuesday morning, 10/19. Witnesses reported that the truck’s driver appeared to have experienced a medical episode and lost control of the vehicle as it came down a steep hill. Police at the scene provided no information regarding any injuries sustained by driver, nor any passengers who might have been on board. A heavy duty tow truck removed the damaged vehicle from the wooded area. Hawthorne Fire Department personnel attended to a crash related fluid spill. Hawthorne Police provided traffic control and processed the accident report.



4 thoughts on “Garbage Truck Slams Into Tree In Hawthorne

  1. It’s amazing how many dump trucks that are overfilled with stone and other materials coming down these hills through Hawthorne ridiculous. They should take another route

  2. Another problem is many of these vehicles are going to fast. Yes definitely overloaded.

  3. If the local police would actually stake out the roads and write tickets instead of stealing our tax dollars and sleeping in the local train stations, it would all be prevented!

  4. I could imagine how many people drive these trucks don’t have the proper license. The d-0-t Should do side of road inspections . Especially on Goffle Road. These trucks running up and down that road all day long flying speeding ridiculous. The county cops should slow them down

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