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George Washington Middle School Has a New Principal


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a email ,Ridgewod Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Schwarz announced the appointment of Mr. David Bailey as the new Principal of George Washington Middle School (GWMS), effective July 1, 2024. After an extensive search and a rigorous interview process, Mr. Bailey, currently the Assistant Principal at Ridgewood High School, was approved at tonight’s Board of Education meeting.

Mr. Bailey stood out as the top candidate due to his proven record of success within the Ridgewood Public Schools district and his unwavering commitment to our students. Selected from a strong pool of candidates by a committee of parents, teachers, and administrators, Mr. Bailey’s diverse background provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by middle school students, particularly during their crucial transition to high school.

Since joining Ridgewood Public Schools in 2010, Mr. Bailey has served as Assistant Principal at both Ridgewood High School (RHS) and GWMS. Before his administrative roles, he was a school counselor and coach at RHS. These experiences equip Mr. Bailey with valuable insights into our focus on the transition process between schools. His deep understanding of the district’s programs, the college application process, and his background as a school counselor further enhance his ability to support the academic success of every student.

While Mr. Bailey’s move to GWMS creates an important vacancy in the role of Assistant Principal at Ridgewood High School, we will begin the search process shortly and provide updates as they become available.

The district is looking to arrange meet-and-greet opportunities for Mr. Bailey to connect with parents, faculty, and students. In the meantime, please join us in congratulating Mr. Bailey on his new role. We are confident that his leadership and dedication will foster a thriving learning environment for all students at George Washington Middle School.

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11 thoughts on “George Washington Middle School Has a New Principal

  1. Good for Mr Bailey and GW
    He was also and more importantly the head of guidance and the lead on the college admission process. Hopefully the superintendent is bringing someone in to replace him asap.

  2. Another Ridgewood bred white boy placed in charge. Were any women or persons of color even considered?

    1. Ridgewood is full of nepotism. What else do you expect?
      White boys promoting nepotism will only hire other white boys!

      1. Yeah, nepotism doesn’t mean what you think it means. Also, you think you’re being anti-racist or something but you’re just admitting that “people of color” will likewise hire “people of color” because what would the point be if Strong Black Female (TM) turned around and hired whitey? Right?

        Stupid suburban white liberal females should stick to what they know best … whatever the hell that is.

    2. Former full time principal was a woman…she was fired. Mr Bailey did a nice job at RHS and is being hired based on his qualifications and success in his prior role(s). Merit based hiring….go figure.

      1. The woman was fired because she refused to be bullied by the man. The new super has fired multiple women in his short time here!

      2. Merit-based hiring is a hate crime for mediocre people with delusional levels of unearned (imagine that?) confidence.

    3. you sound like a racist

  3. Mayor adams expressed interest but realized the timing was not right.

    1. Post of the day !

  4. Anybody seen or heard from the BA? Is this her? Found this on the May 20th Agenda.

    “It is recommended that the Board approve employee #9434 for administrative leave of
    absence with pay effective May 15, 2024, through June 30, 2024”

    It’s a high employee# so it has to be her. Email address doesn’t work. No one answers the phone or calls back. Funny how no one has seen or heard from her. Something starting to smell really bad in that building……

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