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Glen Rock Park Dog Bite Victim Rushed to Valley Hospital

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, on February 16th  at 9:33 AM,Glen Rock Police Patrols and EMS were dispatched to the Glen Rock Dog Park on Doremus Avenue in response to a 9-1-1 report of a person bitten by a dog. Upon arrival, it was found that a Wyckoff woman, who was with her dog at the dog park, was bitten by a pit bull mix belonging to a Prospect Park woman. The responding officers and EMTs provided first aid and the victim was transported by ambulance to the emergency room at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.

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10 thoughts on “Glen Rock Park Dog Bite Victim Rushed to Valley Hospital

  1. Prospect Park broad with a pit bull…no surprise there.

  2. Worthless breed

  3. Buncha canine breed-ists in the comments.

  4. Was the women arrested for not controlling her savage animal?

  5. Commander???

  6. The ownership is on the dog’s owners who fully know the pits tendencies. The dogs are going by their instincts as a breed. The owners need to not put them in situations where they attack
    Just saying

  7. Nice friendly people have nice friendly dogs
    If the dog is an aggressive asshole chances are the owner is an agressive asshole

    1. Dumbest post of the day !

      1. your dog must be a mirror image of you.. a jerk

      2. Not the dumbest post of the day. Quite an astute post, actually.

        There is no reason to own a pit bull (other than to project false bravado).

        It’s a useless breed that should be outlawed (as they do in other countries, e.g. England).

        Jail term for the owner of this dog.

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