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Glen Rock Police Remove Juvenile Trespassers From Glen Rock Pool

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Glen Rock NJ, on Monday July 20th at 11:14 p.m.  the Glen Rock Police reported that patrol units responded to the Glen Rock Pool on a report of trespassing and found three Glen Rock juveniles and two Fair Lawn juveniles inside the fenced in area of the pool. The juveniles stated that they did trespass into the fenced in area and go into the pool. All parties were turned over to their parents pending further review by the Juvenile Officer and no damage to the pool was reported.

8 thoughts on “Glen Rock Police Remove Juvenile Trespassers From Glen Rock Pool

  1. Let me guess, these kids should have been on the other side of the “Wall.”

  2. Fine the parents and generate revenue for the town.

  3. Any video that people can use to criticize the police or did the police lure the poor jv into the police car with a lollipop. Where is JOLT when you need them.

  4. They always had a nice pool in Glenrock.

  5. Did they “go into the pool” to swim or was it empty? Is there water in a pool that is closed for the season? Hope not. Attractive nuisance and potential lawsuits.

    Ridgewood wisely chose to keep its sandy bathing beach with a large swimming area rather than replacing it with the endless hard surfaces and small swimming area that made it impossible for Glen Rock to open.

  6. A clean safe concrete pool would have been a great addition to Ridgewood

    By August the lake pool – its a swamp
    We wasted millions of dollars on that horrible garage. Look at the back of it from the west side ..looks like an amazon or Prologis DC on the Turnpike south .

    1. you can always move back to the Bronx

  7. You a-holes who want a concrete pool should live your city values in the city

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