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Glen Rock Police Report A New Twist on the “Sextorsion” Scam


July 18,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police Department is reporting that a few residents have reported a new scam to us that people should be aware of. This is a new twist on the “sextorsion” scam where suspects try and blackmail victims with the threat of releasing some type of sexual or embarrassing video/behavior to everyone on their contact list if they do not pay. The twist in this case is that the scammer actually has your correct password and makes you believe they might actually have some embarrassing content. These passwords were obtained via a large data hack in the past, however, it has been enough to scare quite a few people into paying. Read the attached article for full details. The GRPD Detective Bureau is also available to answer questions and assist residents as well. We can be reached at 201-670-3948 or 201-670-3947.

One thought on “Glen Rock Police Report A New Twist on the “Sextorsion” Scam

  1. New twist? I received a sextorsion email yesterday. Called someone to ask for advice. 10 minutes later I got a phone call from russia that played back the last part of my phoneconversation… (number: +7(342)338473)

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