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Goat Apprehended by Ridgewood Police at Valleau Cemetery


Photo courtesy of Boyd A. Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Here is something we don’t do every day. The Ridgewood Police Department recovered an abandon goat at Valleau Cemetery this morning. If you have any information about where it may have come from please contact the Police desk. 201-670-5519.


A loose goat was captured by Ridgewood Police Patrol Officers Jack Knudsen and Raymond Tarino after being chased through the Valleau Cemetery in Ridgewood for about 15 minutes on Friday morning, 04/05. Cemetery workers, a Village of Ridgewood employee, and an agent from Tyco Animal Control Services also participated in the chase and apprehension. The goat had apparently been abandoned on the cemetery’s property by an unknown individual, who left it in a small box from which the animal had escaped.


4 thoughts on “Goat Apprehended by Ridgewood Police at Valleau Cemetery

  1. we have met the goat and he is US..Abused TAxpayers

  2. Is that Maggie !

  3. Maybe the cemetery Got to eat the grass. To cut down on manpower cost savings.

  4. Did Maggie have a baby,I’ll adopt the goat.

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