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GOP Senate Candidate Dr. Rik Mehta says Booker is America’s ‘laziest’ US Senator and should be fired…

Rik Mehta

photo Dr. Rik Mehta

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Edison NJ, Dr. Rik Mehta says it is time to fire Senator Cory Booker for a record of failure, destruction, and absenteeism – missing 65% of his Senate votes during his failed Presidential run.

“New Jersey has been hit extremely hard during this COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are being crushed, prescription drug prices are rising, property taxes are increasing, and Cory Booker thinks defunding the police should be the focus of his office. This out-of-touch politician shows just how little he actually cares about his communities and explains why he shows up for work only 35% of the time. If you or I missed 65% of our work days we’d be fired in an instant! Why does Cory get to collect over $200,000 a year of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars to barely show up for work? It must end now, New Jersey deserves better.”

Mehta went on to say, “I know how it feels to not have much; to grow up unsure of where your next paycheck is coming from – so I know how our proud small business owners feel. I’m running to support them and to give them a voice in our state’s economic recovery plan. The access to federal stimulus funds and unemployment protections in New Jersey have been abysmal. Cory Booker and Phil Murphy want to lock up small business owners who safely reopen their establishments so they can feed their families while releasing criminals and defunding law enforcement.

My campaign is dedicated to winning the fight against COVID-19, keeping our families safe, supporting our first responders and law enforcement and getting back to normal where families feel safe and can prosper.”

Mehta concluded with “Why does Cory Booker go partying with Hollywood celebrities and campaign donors at secret locations rather than developing a comprehensive plan to save small businesses and get people and children back to work and school safely. I’ll use my experience as a former public health official in the fight against pandemics to formulate the safest way to get back to normal and get people working again. When someone in your family is suffering from an illness you don’t schedule a visit with “do nothing” politicians like Cory Booker, you talk to health professionals who can actually help.”

Rik Mehta is a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Rutgers University School of Pharmacy and School of Law alumni and possesses a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws in Global Health Law and International Institutions from Georgetown University and the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. He is married with three young boys and has been an active member of the community across New Jersey.

4 thoughts on “GOP Senate Candidate Dr. Rik Mehta says Booker is America’s ‘laziest’ US Senator and should be fired…

  1. He’s right…Cory is a conman…

  2. 100% Agreed. he is a conman and people are drinking the KoolAid>

  3. Were it not for his “appearance”, Cory would have be laughed out of town long ago. No matter how you try and spin it, his record is terrible.

  4. absolutely 100% does nothing ..

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