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GOP Senatorial Candidate Hirsh Singh Demands a Recount

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Linwood NJ,  With over 40,000 ballots not yet reported and over 27,000 ballots known to have been thrown away and not counted, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh has filed for recounts in all 21 New Jersey counties.Singh has announced he is seeking a recount in the still-uncertified U.S. Senate race more than three weeks after the Primary Election took place.

“The people pay taxes to have fair and open elections. They deserve to have their votes counted. Their voices will not be silenced,” Singh said.

“This election is replete with disparities, discrepancies, and irregularities,” said Singh, who has been fighting to receive information on the number of basic votes and other pertinent election data from each of New Jersey’s 21 counties since July 7th, the date of the Primary Election.

Singh said so far, judges in four counties have signed orders authorizing recounts to commence while hearings are set to be held in four more counties today.

“Phil Murphy has caused chaos, concern, and confusion that Vladimir Putin and the Chinese Communist Party could only dream of,” Singh said. “Tens of thousands of voters have been disenfranchised as a result of his mandatory vote-by-mail scheme, and he and his cronies in Trenton seem content to normalize these deficiencies and erode our tradition of holding fair, open, and honest elections. Not on my watch.”

In seeking recounts in each of the 21 counties, Singh has cited a multitude of troubling issues:

Ballots postmarked July 8th were improperly counted and/or separated from ballots postmarked on July 7th; the deadline by which all vote-by-mail ballots were to be accepted
Ballots marked with a clear intention by the voter but that were unable to be read by vote-counting machines
Ballots thrown out for minor matters such as stray markings
Ballots thrown out for lack of response to “cure” letters; a process that is wholly unfamiliar to voters
Ballots counted in secret, without campaign challengers having the benefit of being present for the process
Ballots found in unsealed bags without chain-of-custody history
Ballots rejected for unspecified/unreported reasons

Singh said the circumstances surrounding this election are unprecedented. He could think of no other election in recent memory where tens of thousands of voters were disenfranchised, and where a candidate seeking basic information on his election was illegally denied that information or ignored by elections officials.“This would never happen in a regular New Jersey election, Singh said. “Would tens of thousands of people be told in traditional polling places like firehouses, gymnasiums or community centers across the state, ‘Sorry, but your vote doesn’t count this year?’

“The people wouldn’t stand for it. The people would outright reject it. But Phil Murphy and his team of lackeys in the Attorney General’s Office think they can trick the people of NJ because the election was conducted by mail.”

Singh said that if the votes from this unprecedented Primary Election are not properly and transparently counted across the state, Murphy and his minions would try to get away with even more shenanigans this November.

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