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Governor Christie held his latest Fairness Town Hall in New Providence and Hammered the Tax Fairness Message

October 23,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood Nj, On Tuesday, despite the Governor’s legal trouble, Governor Christie held his latest Fairness Funding Town Hall in New Providence, continuing to make the case for massive property tax relief and equal funding for every student in our state.
The Governor made it clear that its unacceptable to allow the failed, court-ordered school funding format to continue to fail inner-city students and short-change our surburban schools and taxpayers. The largest force opposed the Governor’s Fairness Funding Formula is the NJEA. They have spent millions to buy the support of Trenton Democrats to block any effort to reform school funding, making property taxpayers foot the bill for a failed formula.
The Governor’s plan to provide equal funding to every student across our state would translate into more money and property tax relief for 75% of school districts in the state. In New Providence, the Governor’s plan could translate into a $3,232 reduction in the average homeowner’s yearly property tax bill.

3 thoughts on “Governor Christie held his latest Fairness Town Hall in New Providence and Hammered the Tax Fairness Message

  1. Will the BOE and Council return the savings to Village property owners or just swallow all of the property tax relief to pay for their excessive and unsustainable contracts with the teachers and public safety?

  2. It’s both sad and yet predictable how the NJEA doesn’t want this – they could care less about the quality of education, all they want is “more, more more” for their members. Nothing but union greed.

  3. The teachers and their union have shown their true colors in Ridgewood; 8:24 is absolutely correct. If Christie gets this through and it is very tempting to those of us who are struggling to stay afloat, it is doubtful that we will see any reduction in taxes as 8:22 points out. Public unions – ugh – and the teachers who hold our kids as hostage – wish every one of you holding those signs and pouting were sacked.

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