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Governor Murphy budget will do great damage to New Jersey businesses and taxpayers

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Trenton NJ, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka issued the following statement regarding the revised FY2021 State Budget signed today by Gov. Phil Murphy.

“Now that Governor Murphy has put ink to the page of a budget that will do great damage to New Jersey businesses and taxpayers, we hope that he and our policymakers will work on writing a new script that includes real, comprehensive reforms and expands the capacity for our businesses to operate.

“We have contended from the beginning of this process that the excessive spending, borrowing and taxation found in this budget were, in fact, not necessary and not COVID-19 related. This would be even more evident if some of the reforms recommended in the Path to Progress report were established.

“With $215 billion in debt, a crushing business climate and a continued appetite to tax and spend, New Jersey simply cannot continue along this path.

“We are encouraged by talk of real reforms as we turn the page from this budget. But it can no longer be about talk, and actions must truly be meaningful. We look forward to working with our policymakers to make it happen.”

6 thoughts on “Governor Murphy budget will do great damage to New Jersey businesses and taxpayers

  1. Said it the day this clown was elected,
    Another Goldman Sachs flunky that does not have a grip on reality hold on to your wallet because his hand is on your pocket.

  2. But don’t you just love his mohawk? Your characterization is correct however.

  3. I just got my 300 dollars increase I property tax starting November. We are retired and with one disabled child and only depending in Social Security retirement money and Murphy still want a slice from it. I thought he will tax the millionaire and not the ordinary citizen. It is a lie.

    1. he raised taxes on everything, Murphy ran on the promise to raise your taxes ,if you voted for him you got what you asked for

  4. You know that he grew up poor? Just ask him, he’ll tell you. He wants everyone in the same situation. BTW, his mansions in Middletown, NJ, Germany and Italy are fabulous.

  5. Gotta feed da unionz… pay up, whitey!

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