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Governor Murphy Says if you Don’t like it Leave and People are in Droves

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Trenton NJ, once again Governor Phil Murphy has told New Jersey residents , “if you don’t like his policies leave.”  During a press conference on Friday, Murphy snapped at reporters questioning his slow reopening of the state and poor handling of the pandemic, saying, “If you don’t like our leadership here, why don’t you go down to Georgia and see how that feels.”

In the past Governor Murphy has advocated  for dissenters to  take a walk if you disagree with his policies. In 2019, he was reported as having said, “If you’re a one-issue voter and tax rate is your issue, either a family or a business, if that’s the only basis upon which you’re going to make a decision, we’re probably not your state.”

Likewise, in May, Murphy told New Jerseyans who disliked Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo disastrous  handling of the pandemic-related unemployment crisis that “All I would say to anyone who thinks that: Go to another state.”

Apparently many residents are taking his advice according to United Van Lines. ” More Americans moved out of New Jersey (68.5%) than any other state for the second year in a row. Other Northeastern states, including New York and Connecticut, experienced high outbound rates as well.

The Census expected to prove that yes, people are fleeing NJ and NY for cheaper places to live. In New York and New Jersey, they are likely to find a shrinking population, as residents flee the metropolitan states and their high cost of living.

Recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates show that New York and New Jersey were among 10 states that lost population between June 2018 and July 2019. New York’s estimated decrease of 76,790 residents was the nation’s highest for the second consecutive year.

New York and New Jersey are among four states that have seen the largest numbers of residents leaving for other states in the last decade. California and Illinois are the others, signaling a population shift from pricey, metropolitan locales to less expensive but still economically prosperous parts of the country such as Texas, Arizona, Florida and Nevada, said William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution.

The reasons to move are simple; cost of living, climate and job opportunities.   Taxpayers are fleeing leaving an ever shrinking taxbase to pay pensions, schools, and assorted state and local giveaways .

4 thoughts on “Governor Murphy Says if you Don’t like it Leave and People are in Droves

  1. typical total out of touch over compensated ex goldman sach rich liberal

  2. He said this and we left. We could afford to live in NJ just fine but the quality of life is pure garbage.
    Why would anyone subject themselves to living in NJ at this point is beyond me. The schools are severely overrated (trust me I attended one of the best ones), the air is severely polluted, highest cancer and autism rates in the country, some of the highest taxes, worst road conditions, overall nasty attitudes from ghetto people, NJ is a total hole.
    If you choose to stay in NJ then don’t complain, you deserve what you get.
    Be logical and leave, stop being brainwahsed into thinking NJ is so great.
    NYC and Philly are both garbage now so what does NJ really have to offer?
    Lots of cops, lots of tolls and lots of nonsense.

  3. FU Murphy I did just that. Screw YOU and New Jersey. A LOT of people feel the same and have left you holding your penis.

  4. NJ is fine

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