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Governor Murphy Signs Unconstitutional Executive Order Postponing Upcoming Elections

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Trenton NJ,  Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 211, postponing the upcoming February fire district elections, March special school elections, and all other special elections for filling vacancies to April 20, 2021.

“We will continue to hold elections to ensure that every citizen is able to have their voice heard in a safe matter during this unprecedented time,” said Governor Murphy. “Today’s executive order will allow our local election officials to conserve time and resources, while also providing sufficient time to properly prepare for the upcoming elections.”

A decision on how these elections will be held, whether all vote-by-mail, in-person, or through a hybrid of VBM and in-person, will be determined in the coming months.

Copy of Executive Order No. 211 

From when the US Constitution used to matter: ARTICLE I, SECTION 4, CLAUSE 1 The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of choosing Senators.

The purpose of this provision of the Constitution was twofold. First, it made clear the division of responsibility with respect to the conduct of the election of federal Senators and Representatives. That responsibility lay primarily with the states and secondarily with Congress. Second, the clause lodged the power to regulate elections in the respective legislative branches of the states and the federal government, not with the executive or judicial branches.

13 thoughts on “Governor Murphy Signs Unconstitutional Executive Order Postponing Upcoming Elections

  1. RHS closed again…

  2. True patriots should sue him now rather than later. Otherwise this sentiment is just grandstanding.

  3. Addressing unconstitutional actions by politicians through the legal system is a waste of time. The edicts that create so much social and economic damage can be traced to either the abuse of power or the advancement of self interest. As citizens seek to balance unchecked power, it becomes apparent that the fix is in. Elected officials and their minions are protected by a machine that ensures the status quo. It seems that only by way of some deviant sex scandal or defying union wishes does a sitting politician risk losing a position of power. The interesting thing is we all recognize that being an elected official is a great gig as you ascend from local to state to national levels of “representation.” Just as there are no atheists in fox holes, there are no poor current or retired elected officials. Yet we let it pass.

    For common folk, seeking remedies through the judicial process is becoming more of an exercise of filtering facts through an inefficient and expensive court system. The process on the state level panders to the party in power because that is how one stays in power. The result is that we are marginally disenfranchised from the system of checks and balances and with time, that will lead to our liberties are being sacrificed at the altar of political expediency.

    Look in the mirror villagers and you will see an animal that is slowly but surely being cornered. The sad fact is that those who go along or care not to think about these troubling issues will one day hear a knock on the door. We will all hear that knock as some point and it will be someone from the government and they certainly will not be there to help.

    If you feel the same, take action within the system. If the system needs to be changed, then may it is time for more revolutionary ideas to be considered. A revolution is a good thing once and a while.

  4. I’m glad my ass left NJ a long time ago. He needs to go. You can’t keep the state closed. People have rights and he’s taking them away.

  5. Can we cut his tiny balls off?

  6. Counties actual run the elections, the only way to counter these illega actions & legislature represents us so if he tries to fix this after fact its not a fix. For the illegal actions, we force our counties to run the ele tons properly. We’ve witnessed enough fraud is an election to last multiple lifetimes.

  7. Screw you Murphy. This time the recall will stick!!!!

  8. What’s the big deal ???, Dumb A@# NJ VOTERS who sent this Socialist/Communist to Trenton and now Tax payers sit back and watch this A@# hole slowly but surely remove our RIGHTS with help of his GESTAPO’s

  9. Script by Goldman Sachs …stealing the state…

  10. Script by Goldman Sachs …stealing the state…

  11. No, we want are election! I for one, am not accepting this! It isn’t his right to change these things. You can receipt the laws to position yourself where you like. Not passing go here, bud

  12. Bad enough that trumps votes was stolen in New Jersey just like Pennsylvania Michigan and the other swing States New Jersey is a red State and they are trying to hide it it’s time to throw Murphy out of office and put a conservative in his place

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