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Governor Phil Murphy Should Suspend the Gas Tax Increase under the Current Public Health Emergency

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Trenton NJ, Noting that Governor Phil Murphy has repeatedly cited and exercised vast executive authority to respond to the current public health emergency, Senator Steven Oroho (R-24) called for the governor to abandon consideration of a 9.3 cent/gallon gas tax increase that was announced by the Treasury Department on Friday.

“Governor Murphy has had no problem issuing executive orders during the current public health emergency to take extreme steps like shutting down the New Jersey economy and preventing voters from casting their ballots in person. He has changed statutory deadlines and unilaterally ordered numerous other changes without legislative approval.

“It’s almost unbelievable for the governor to now suggest that preventing a gas tax increase when many families are in economic crisis is the one thing he can’t do by executive order. Considering his own executive actions kept people home and off the roads artificially depressing gas consumption, drivers shouldn’t be penalized.”

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt is calling on Governor Murphy to put an immediate stop to this tax hike:

“If Governor Murphy can unilaterally change election law, unilaterally shut down small businesses, unilaterally order long term care facilities to take COVID positive patients, then he can certainly unilaterally suspend the implementation of this huge tax hike.  At this point, Governor Murphy owns every action of our state government,  including this gas tax hike.”

3 thoughts on “Governor Phil Murphy Should Suspend the Gas Tax Increase under the Current Public Health Emergency

  1. Exactly. If he wanted to suspend the gas tax increase, he could under the current health emergency. The fact he won’t suggests all he cares about are his puppet masters at the public sector unions who need their pensions and health care topped up some more.

  2. Question: Why are we still in a “State of Emergency”? Haven’t we moved past that? Schools are opening, restaurants are (finally) opening so where’s the emergency? Maybe it has something to do with Murphy’s wanting to rule by executive order to circumvent the normal legislative process? Just a wild stab…

  3. I don’t understand.
    Why should he suspend the gas Tax?
    How will that hurt Trump’s reelection chances?

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