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Graydon Offers Discounted Badges for Ridgewood Residents

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, starting August 1st ,Ridgewood residents can purchase a season pass at the discounted rate of:

Adult (16-61yrs)  $65.00

Child (2-15yrs)    $60.00

If you have any questions contact the badge office at 201-670-550 x7003

And remember no traffic , lots of parking and NO SHARKS! 

3 thoughts on “Graydon Offers Discounted Badges for Ridgewood Residents

  1. Thank you again to the Ridgewood village council for forcing the opening of Graydon pool. I wish I could say that I am sorry that Heather and Nancy didn’t get their way, but I am definitely not sorry.

  2. Graydon is beautiful. Why fight your way to the shore for a day?

  3. A beautiful facility. Had a great time there today for 4 straight hours.

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