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>“Graydon Pool Complex”

>The Village Engineer has decided to incorporate into the draft RFP the DEP, State of New Jersey Health Code rulings and site plan for the “Graydon Pool Complex”, which has yet to be reviewed and approved by The Village Council.

The rules and regulations of the DEP and State of New Jersey Health Codes are in and of themselves state and federal regulations and cannot be manipulated by Ms. Ringel, or any other member of the PGC for that matter. If anything, these regulations/restrictions may become even tighter despite all the ranting and ravings from Ms. Ringel and Ms. Kelly.

I fail to see the PGC and RPP reaching any real compromise. The objectives of both groups are completely different, and in my opinion are not within the possibilities of any compromise.

The PGC does not bother to provide any professional guidance regarding the Graydon Pool Complex; they reject any possible guidance and thereby threaten the entire Graydon Pool Complex project.

Thus, I don’t foresee the PGC being successful in their attempts to thwart the efforts of the RPP, but we will only know this with the passage of time.

As you know, I have been sending out letter after letter to Suzanne Kelly and Marcia Ringel, Co-Chairs of the PGC but all of these letters have been returned to my office marked “Delivery Refused”, thus, both women have lost the opportunity to read any of the information contained in any of these letters.

Frankly, I am surprised at their aloof attitude as to their knowledge or lack thereof regarding the “Graydon Pool Complex”.

David F. Bolger

LINK to NJ. Health Code:

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