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Graydon Pool is Closed for the Season

photos by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Graydon Pool facility is closed for the season, due to storm related conditions. Unfortunately, Graydon Pool water quality was compromised as a result of Hurricane Ida. Floodwaters breeching the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, coupled with stormwater runoff from adjacent roadways, resulted in unsafe water quality conditions.

A water sample collected from Graydon Pool within the past 24 hours, indicates bacteria levels which are much higher than usual, the bacterial count is elevated, and the clarity of the water is unsafe, under the recreational bathing water quality standard put forward by the New Jersey Department of Health’s Public Recreational Bathing Code. Under the direction of the Ridgewood Health Department, which licenses the Graydon Pool recreational swimming facility, the Graydon Pool facility will be closed for swimming and bathing activities for the season.

14 thoughts on “Graydon Pool is Closed for the Season

  1. Like the cowards they are, Village officials announced the bad news after the close of business on Friday, providing taxpayers with no opportunity to phone in related questions. Nancy Bigos strikes again!

  2. In the Village’s defense, Crestwood Lake in Allendale and Memorial Pool in Fair Lawn also ended their respective seasons early due to storm damage. However, both of those communities provided notification on a timely basis.

  3. Just empty it out. And clean it.

  4. Good old mother nature you cannot control her.

  5. They have everyone’s money for the season – what do they care?

    And by next season, everyone will have forgotten how they were ripped off!

    So is Richwood!

  6. What are you gonna do you can’t swim and bacteria. Think about this that water came from the book. So the book is contaminated obviously, and people are eating fish from the book, Do you think about all the runoff from the roads well runs into the Brooke

  7. I heard that the sewage treatment plant upstream in Waldwick dis hairs will sewerage into the Brook?

  8. Who the flying fuck would eat a fish from the HHK Brook.
    You’d have to find one first.

  9. To the first post… what’s the question??? The water is compromised. It’s very simple. Any productive ideas or just going to throw mud? When’s pig gets into a fight everyone gets dirty, and the pigs enjoy it! The pool has been beautiful all year. Sounds like silver spoon syndrome to me. Kudos to Parks and Nancy for a great season.

  10. Of course too much water coming in, what do you think you’re going to do let it fly baby

  11. That’s pretty funny that all of Waldwick‘s duty wait down the block right into Graydon pool and village Hall.And everyone’s property in between. Can you imagine the bacteria, Covid, disgusting. And you’re telling me that’s not hazardous bullshit ?

  12. I walk my dog passed Graydon Pool Friday it’s smelled like one big Sewage waste pit disgusting. I would love to know the bacteria level that’s in the basement of these homes along the brook that got wiped out. With water. I wonder if the EPA DEP are taking samples for our health.

  13. Of course it is it’s run by Nancy Bigios

  14. What’s going on with this Director, the pool, the parks, pickle ball, amazing what the hell is going on.Just amazing , boy they’ll never be another tim.

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