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Graydon Pool may have revenue shortfall due to early school opening


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Graydon Pool may have revenue shortfall due to early school opening
March 26,2015
Boyd A. Loving

Just when you though you’d heard everything –

Ridgewood NJ, It appears as though the scheduled September 2, 2015 opening of the Ridgewood Public Schools may seriously impact Graydon Pool revenues this summer.  Graydon Pool is currently scheduled to remain open until Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2015.

Village Councilwoman Gwenn Hauck, liaison to the Parks, Recreation & Conservation Board, stated that the last operating week of Graydon Pool (just prior to and including Labor Day) traditionally generates a significant amount of revenue. If  the Pool is forced to change its schedule and close earlier in the season than Labor Day [due to the unavailability of lifeguards (students) and supervisory staff (teachers)], the Pool may experience a significant revenue loss.

9 thoughts on “Graydon Pool may have revenue shortfall due to early school opening

  1. Its all the Board of Ed fault.

  2. Isn’t it true that all lifeguards are “teen agers” ? Aren’t there any adult Lifeguards looking for work?

    Wasn’t there a plan design “by you know who” of an all weather heated pool to run for nine months?

  3. PS: Oh yes, the YMCA – YWCA — wouldn’t want that– would they ?

  4. PS–2

    Oh yes, time to consider an indoor swimming pool program at BF or the High school. Those sport programs run all year round. And plenty of scholarships for swimmers and divers.

  5. The Glen Rock pool manages to stay open on weekend through September…maybe we need to ask them how to do it? We can ask how they figured out full day K while we are at it.

  6. Get them Dom.

  7. Why can’t they at least be open on Sat, Sun, and Mon of Labor Day weekend? The student lifeguards are not in school those days? Come on, be flexible here Gwenn.

  8. The Three Amigos hate Graydon, that’s why they can’t keep it open in Sept. like Glen Rock or find an adult lifeguard for a few days.

    They want to destroy everything that is natural and beautiful about Ridgewood. Aronsohn fought like a trapped rat to get Graydon turned into concrete.

    Anything that is artificial they drool over.

    Over signage, over sized buildings. Artificial turf. They just want us to stuff Gyros down our throat at you know where, owned by you know who.

  9. As a few others have said how does Glen Rock manage to do this while Ridgewood cannot. Is it because of our three amigos?

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