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Hack Friday : Black Friday cybercrime is unstoppable.

Hack Friday : Black Friday cybercrime is unstoppable.

By Tal Kopan

11/28/14 8:06 AM EST

This holiday shopping season, kicking off with post-Thanksgiving deals, millions of Americans will almost certainly have their credit or debit card information stolen by overseas hackers.

Just like last year.

Twelve months after data from 40 million cards were stolen from Target, beginning a year of escalating hacks of retailers’ payment card systems, not much has changed beyond awareness.

The absence of federal action reflects the difficulty of improving cybersecurity. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree on the goal of improving the security of the nation’s networks, but disputes over even small details can sidetrack progress. Congressional action has been bogged down in side fights, and industry-led changes have been slow and narrow. Executive action, and power, on the issue is limited, and most administration efforts have been designed to encourage retailers to take extra precautions against theft, rather than apply new regulations.

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One thought on “Hack Friday : Black Friday cybercrime is unstoppable.

  1. I got a very authentic looking email from walmart yesterday.
    It was obviously a scam since I was supposed to ‘pick up my online order at any walmart, and ‘click here’.
    Simply expanding the headers indicated it originated in Russia.
    I suspect clicking that link would put a virus on my computer or some sort of ‘exe’ program that would steal my info.

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