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Harvard Students Scramble to Take back Support for Letter Attacking Israel as Call by CEOs to Blacklist Them Grows

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Ridgewood NJ, Leftists across the country predictably took the side of terrorists. Nothing to see here,well maybe not , just standard psyco “yay genocide” college stuff. But as the the discourse surrounding Hamas’ massacre has evolved — a national conversation far different today than even yesterday — Ryna Workman, president of the NYU Law Student Bar Association (SBA), penned an open letter in apparent defense of Hamas. Within hours of the viral story, the major law firm she was set to land a job at publicly rescinded her offer.

More than 30 Harvard University student organizations released a joint statement saying they “hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” after Hamas attacked Israeli citizens over the weekend. Now  Harvard University students and groups are desperately trying to backtrack on their support of a letter blaming Israel for the mass slaughter of its own people by Hamas terrorists — as some business titans seek to blacklist them from future jobs.

Several CEOs are now urging Harvard University to release the names of the people in the student organizations who signed a pro-Palestinian letter that criticized Israel. Billionaire Bill Ackman hedge fund manager, a Harvard alum, said in an online post Tuesday that he had been asked by “a number of CEOs” if Harvard would disclose the list of students in the groups that issued letter that said it held “the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.” Four of the initial 34 student organizations attached to the inflammatory statement have already withdrawn their support — while board members of other groups have quit to distance themselves.

Several business leaders backed Ackman’s call — including Sweetgreen’s CEO Jonathan Neman, who replied to the post, saying: “I would like to know so I know never to hire these people.”


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10 thoughts on “Harvard Students Scramble to Take back Support for Letter Attacking Israel as Call by CEOs to Blacklist Them Grows

  1. Entitled grade-grubbing dirtbags.

  2. apparently the so called brightest students aren’t very smart at all

  3. PJ you should publish the names and addresses of the freaks who support Hamas in the Village, parents have a right to know , just like they are informed about child molesters

  4. nice to see some consequences for a change

    1. Totally agree. How can someone support these butchers?

  5. Its about time

  6. Speaking of out of whack left-leaning organizations, my father canceled The Record today.

    A subscriber since 1960.

    1. Did he say why, specifically?

  7. I wonder if BLM BELLY BOY is involved?

    I remember all of their Mommies dripping them off on E Ridgewood Ave.

  8. Tom Hanks delivered the last commencement speech. I blame him.

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