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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, It seems people are still confused or getting false information regarding HEALTHBARN USA and the HEALTHBARN FOUNDATION.

The FOUNDATION  is run out of Lyndhurst NJ the Village of Ridgewood has nothing to do with that lease or with a partnership with the Foundation.

HEALTHBARN USA is run out of the Gatehouse and offers very few partnership classes with the village.   Which means the village doesn’t get a lot of revenue from the classes offered, only the rent which is under market value.   The Gatehouse lease is the one that is up for discussion now.

Healthbarn foundation was only put in Stacey Antine’s name when she was interested in leasing the Gatehouse.  In order to have a business in a Green Acres Park it can only be a non profit business not for profit which Healthbarn USA is.  For some reason by calling it a partnership with the village that was enough to please Green Acres, even though very few are partnership classes.

questions still unanswered:
How much of the monies raised goes the the cause & how much does the Foundation keep?

Is Stacey Antine using the Foundation and the work she is doing in Ridgewood to persuade residents to get behind her to renew the lease?

Will the Foundation continue to do work with Ridgewood if the lease isn’t renewed?


  1. Good questions. I wonder if council cares about the answers. They should and so should you, it’s your tax dollars

  2. This is a dead story…the horses have left the barn !

  3. Why do you censor comments which disagree with you?

  4. What is so hard to understand the lease is up. If your business is not strong enough to survive with a new lease it is not the landlords problem. Be pro active and find a place to go. Leases end all the time. This is out of hand. The lease ends. Period amen. Does not have to mean the business closes. It means the lease ended. New beginnings

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