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Healthbarn USA & Healthbarn Foundation are two separate companies

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Healthbarn USA & Healthbarn Foundation are two separate companies owned & operated by Stacey Antine.  Healthbarn USA is operated out of the Gatehouse in Habernickle Park & Healthbarn Foundation headquartered out of Lyndhurst NJ.

All the conversations around her lease renewal (which isn’t up this year) talks about the good Stacey does for our community that is all referring to the Foundation work not Healthbarn USA.  The lease is with the Village of Ridgewood for the rental of the gatehouse for Healthbarn USA only,  so if the village should decide not to renew it should have no effect on what the Foundation continues to do for our community.

So if you like the good the Foundation (headquartered in Lyndhurst) has done please remember that has nothing to do with classes being taught at the gatehouse.  The lease doesn’t include the Foundation to be run out of it.  The lease is about Healthbarn USA which is a for profit business.

9 thoughts on “Healthbarn USA & Healthbarn Foundation are two separate companies

  1. Interesting on Facebook it seems as if they are one and the same

    Thank you for the clarification.

    Lease or no lease we can expect healthbarn to continue to support our community! Let’s hope

  2. I went onto the Foundation website to make a donation but decided not to because it doesn’t give the breakdown allocation for what the foundation actually gives to an organization & what the foundation keeps for operational costs.

  3. Throw her out the second it’s legal.

  4. I don’t believe we should have a business operating in a residential district. It’s particularly concerning that we are taking all these precautions to accommodate this business, which should not be located in a residential neighborhood.

  5. More and more bullshit.

  6. The house is in extreme dis-repair and it is just costing tax payers money to keep the house running for a private business. All the philanthropy work by the foundation is done out of Lynhurst. That’s where the checks go.

    Know that sh** down

  7. Very interesting. Not what some town cronies are leading the public to believe

    Happy to know the truth and WOW. Seems a bit of smoke and mirrors

  8. yep two different ball games entirely one for personal profit (at the gatehouse) one NON profit ( Lyndhurst) someone trying to make it seem like ONE organization located in Ridgewood and its NOT

  9. Do people know this or maybe they just don’t care. the 2 are evolving into 1 and they are not connected except for the owner of each

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