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Hell Must Have Frozen Over Bergen Record Endorses Republicans

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AMAZING! The Bergen Record endorses the re-election of my District 39 NJ GOP State Legislators: Asm. Robert Auth & Asw. Holly Schepisi!

Here’s the text of their endorsement: “Here’s who we’re endorsing: NJ Assembly in the 39th District – North Jersey Editorial Board Published 5:00 a.m. ET Oct. 31, 2019

“NJ Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi represents the 39th district. Schepisi discusses her reasons for running for reelection on October 17, 2019.

Amy Newman, NorthJersey

“In the sea of blue that is the Democratic-controlled New Jersey Legislature these days, Republican Assembly members Holly Schepisi of River Vale and Robert Auth of Old Tappan have been seemingly undaunted, efficiently and effectively going about their duties as sworn public officials and serving their constituents in the 39th District, which encompasses towns in both Bergen and Passaic counties and has not elected a Democrat to the Assembly since 1977.

“Since filling the seat once held for 21 years by moderate Republican Charlotte Vandervalk, Schepisi has been a shining light in the too-often shadowy business that is modern-day Trenton — holding fast to her conservative principles on fiscal issues while being open-minded on social ones. Indeed, in this cycle for the Nov. 5 election, she has gained an endorsement from Garden State Equality, which noted that Schepisi has been an advocate on LGBTQ issues, including sponsoring the Babs Siperstein Law, hailed as a groundbreaking initiative for New Jersey’s transgender, intersex and non-binary residents.

“Auth, a more strident conservative and not nearly as reasoned as we’d like to see on social issues, has nonetheless been a workhorse for his constituents and, refreshingly, gave up his other “public job” — with the Motor Vehicle Commission — after he began serving in the Assembly. This contrasts with roughly a third of his legislative colleagues in Trenton, who, as recent reporting at by the Trenton Bureau of The Record and has shown, are more than content to keep holding two public jobs as long as it suits them. As a small-business owner, Auth is also acutely aware of the pressures that the high price of living and working in New Jersey cause for its middle-class residents.

“There is some evidence to suggest that demographics and mindset may be changing in this once solidly “Rockefeller Republican” district. Longtime State Sen. Gerald Cardinale had to fight hard to keep his seat in the 39th in 2017, holding off Democratic challenger Linda H. Schwager by little more than 4,000 votes.

“Yet even if that continues, it doesn’t mean district voters should simply switch their allegiance without thought, regardless of what is happening on the national stage.

“While Democratic challengers, Westwood Mayor John Birkner Jr. and Emerson Borough Council President Gerald Falotico, have been and continue to be earnest public servants in their own right, neither makes a compelling case for change — particularly at a time when Democrats already hold a whopping 54-26 seat advantage in the Assembly.

“New Jersey, at the end of the day, has real problems with debt, infrastructure, transportation and working out a fair and equitable school funding formula for all students. Those problems will be solved best if solved in bipartisan fashion. Schepisi and, to a lesser extent, Auth have both shown an ability to work across the aisle on challenges facing the state while also addressing the particular needs and concerns of residents of the 39th.

“We see no pressing need to turn either legislator out of office. and The Record endorse Republicans Holly Schepisi and Robert Auth for Assembly in the 39th Legislative District.”…

5 thoughts on “Hell Must Have Frozen Over Bergen Record Endorses Republicans

  1. I canceled The Record (USA Today) 15 months ago…I don’t miss it.

  2. We can’t afford Democrats any more

  3. Not our district, NOBODY CARES!!

  4. Democrat thugs such as Ma Weinberg, Bald Sarlo and Jerry Colonna Prieto have got to go (the latter two famous double dippers). The lack of progress and increased statewide taxes can only be laid at the feet of the Democrat Party in senate and assembly of the state. I will be supporting Holly and Bob at the polls.

  5. I encourage everybody to cancel their Record subscription. It’s liberating.

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