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Hillsdale Women Attacked In Road Rage Incident in Glen Rock

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Glen Rock NJ , according to the Glen Rock Police on Tuesday May 3rd at 5:32 PM a Hillsdale woman reported that she was the victim of a road rage incident which occurred on Lincoln Avenue near Diamond Bridge. She recounted that she pulled over to yield to an ambulance with its emergency equipment activated. When she reentered the roadway, a white SUV began tailgating her. When both vehicles stopped for a red light, the occupant of the white SUV, described as a white female, exited her vehicle and approached. The woman reportedly began screaming obscenities at the complainant and spit on her window. The victim was able to obtain the actor’s license plate number and called 9-1-1 for assistance.

A Detective interviewed the complainant and determined that the actual contact occurred in the Borough of Hawthorne. The complainant was referred to the Hawthorne Municipal Court to sign a complaint.

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4 thoughts on “Hillsdale Women Attacked In Road Rage Incident in Glen Rock

  1. well at least they banned both plastic and paper bags… so it should be safer

  2. Wonder what the “victim” did to provoke that response from someone. Typically everyone involved in road rage cases are at fault. I

    Often, the people who call the police are the aggressors, and when they escalate a situation and realize nobody is going to intervene, they panic, call the police, and present themselves as a victim. Cooler heads and a better attitude on the road can reduce road rage encounters.

  3. But to spit on another’s window more less get out of your car for maybe a cut off??
    I have bad days too, whatever happened to the old fashioned finger and tend to more important fires sparking in your life?

    1. DNA test.
      Was it the “victim’s spit” ?

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