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“Historic Preservation Consultant” Peter Primavera is Back !

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Ridgewood NJ, Peter Primavera, Jr., the controversial historic preservation consultant hired by the Ridgewood Village Council is back . In April Mr. Primavera outlined the scope of his proposed work for the Council after summarizing his educational background, professional credentials, and related work experience. At the time the Ridgewood blog reported on his dubious past which was ignored by the council .

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He advised the Village Council that  in no uncertain terms,  that their desire to develop the Schedler property as a recreational facility should be considered as “a project with issues,” primarily because the site is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. He cautioned them that performing historical and archeological “detective work” (his professional specialties) sometimes results in “opening doors” and finding the unexpected. Specifically, Primavera mentioned he is likely to find that multiple restrictions on development and/or use of the Schedler House and/or property exist because grant money from multiple agencies was applied for and accepted.

Now he is back and he is back and word is he is looking for money .
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22 thoughts on ““Historic Preservation Consultant” Peter Primavera is Back !

  1. The shyster returns for more money. Of course he does

  2. Yep, no surprise that he plans to milk Ridgewood for more money for something that they should be doing on their own. Now they have a clerk and a manager, so why do they need this guy. pushing a field through is ridiculous and everyone, except for the sports community, knows it. But now it will cost even more money. How much do you want to be he is going to bring on more resources and make a large scope project. This will cost Ridgewood for years to come.

  3. I am sure this is going to cost Ridgewood big bucks. He is only getting started.

  4. Not even the best Saturday Night Live writers could make this shit up.

  5. Bend over and close you eyes Ridgewood taxpayers. You should be used to the uncomfortable feeing by now.

  6. Has anyone issued an OPRA request for any correspondence about this?

  7. We love it because we are….


    …and all the shysters know it.

    1. He is not an attorney. Only an attorney can be a shyster. (An unethical doctor is a quack.)

      I learned that from the movie “S.O.B.”

  8. Every one don’t waste your time to going to do whatever they want.

  9. So our mayor fired a woman of 60+ yrs to replace her with a much younger man? His former campaign mgr? Lawsuit

    1. You are a misandrist ass

  10. The property is on the national register of historic places. That’s it. This shady character has zero ability to change the fact, but just because you’re shady doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stupid. He’s probably feeding the brain dead morons in the new council majority a line about how he can change the historic status while knowing full well he can’t. He then will proceed to draw this thing out for months, if not years. Of course he will be billing, charging fees and paying his buddy “experts” for assistance. At the end of the day he won’t be able to change the historic status, and therefore no field will exist at this site. Sucks for the Village tax donkeys, but it’s a nice payday for our shady pal.
    But wait there’s more! In this instance you might think that Pee Wee and the gang would lose the support of the sports people. Donations thin out as promises are broken. That and a 6 percent tax hike—you would think— might make Pee Wee and Pamy vulnerable in next year’s election. You know that horrible buzzer sound you hear when the contestant gets the question wrong. Think of it right about here. You’re wrong. Because they will blame Susan for it, keep the support of the sports group with other promises and the majority of the tax donkeys will re-elect the lot of them. Following that, expect your 10 percent tax hike, pet projects and more dough for Pee Wee’s playhouses down town. Enjoy.

  11. Professor Henry Hill…we’ve got trouble, I tell ya !

  12. That’s politics they do what they want. There’s no more loyalty in the village. Doors I say not as I do. We told you that management is a bunch of hypocrites.

  13. At this point , let’s see what happens next.

  14. Well, it is true, history does repeat itself. Peter Primavera has done this con before and will continue to do so. Thanks Pau-lie!

  15. Watch tonight as Peter Primavera plays the Shell Game with the Village Council-and swindles another contract.

  16. Another display of our Council Majority’s IQ.

  17. We never saw the first contract and we will likely never see the new one where he plans to milk more of our tax dollars. He is being touted as a historical specialist. Why are we paying for this. The property is designated, SHPO will say yes or no, so why are we wasting time and money on this nonsense. Why, because Paul brought him in thinking he was going to work some magic so that they can get their sports field. Then Paul and the other majority block members of the council (Evan, Siobahn and Pam) voted him in because they are laser focused on building their sports complex to please the sports community and don’t mind spending tax payer dollars to try to overturn the historic designation of the property. The council has received letters and he does not have a good reputation but yet we are giving him more and more money. This is going to be a sh*tshow of epidemic proportions. You just watch.

  18. I guess what I don’t understand is that we as a Village have no money, we have two Village Managers and an engineering dept. Why are these in-house resources not working with SHPO directly? Doesn’t SHPO say either “yes’ or ‘no”? Because the Village is trying to cram this project through by navigating a path the way they want to to get what they want and essentially are up to no good, that is why. This guy is supposed be looking to circumvent the restrictions on the historic property to 1) build the big field; 2) put in astroturf on this big field and; 3) get additional parking spaces by buying the lot next to Schedler. He will likely string the Village along with grand schemes

  19. This Village is definitely not smart about how they spend the money. You would think safety would be a #1 priority especially after a number of kids have been hit by cars and also that we could only hire one cop instead of the 5 that were requested. But no, a giant artificial turf field on a historic property is the priority of Paul, Pam, Evan and Siobahn. I guess they’ve made some big promises to the sports community. There is nothing GREEN about Ridgewood, it is all a farce and they can prance around and pretend all that they want, all the while they have this shady consultant taking more money. I will bet he gets to between $50 to $100K when all is said and done.

  20. Every time that the Village Engineer went to SHPO he got shot down and the plans got rejected. Then they did things a bit in more of a rogue fashion by not asking for things like the berm. Why ask when the answer is likely going to be no, right?

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