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‘Hollywood on the Kill van Kull’ 1888 Studios will be built at the former Texaco site in Bayonne

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Bayonne NJ , often referred to as , ‘Hollywood on the Kill van Kull’ 1888 Studios will be built on 70 acres at the former Texaco site in Bayonne.1888 Studios will make Bayonne home to the largest film and television studio in the state. The decision to build the studio originates from the long-time wish to give a new life to an empty and unused property near Bayonne Bridge, on the southwest edge of the city. The city’s leaders have settled to bring a taste of Hollywood-style movie charm to Bayonne.

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In 2020, efforts to revive 13 lots along First Street near Avenue A in the south increased as the city renovated the area’s zoning. This land, overlooking Staten Island, was rezoned to make film production its primary purpose. Now, two years later, the company Togus Urban Renewal has applied to construct a 1.5 million square foot film and television infrastructure that is undoubtedly ambitious.

The film and television studio that has been envisioned to occupy this lot has been dubbed 1888 Studios and includes an impressive total of 19 different buildings dedicated to a variety of aspects of the industry. The whole complex gives off a vibe of Hollywood during its golden age but modernized and aesthetically adjusted to the 21st century with an Art Deco flair.The 1.5 million square foot motion picture and television facility will be named after the year Thomas Edison filed a patent for the motion picture camera.

Financial incentives provided by the city of Bayonne for a $900 million film and TV studio were unanimously approved at a special Bayonne City Council meeting .The incentives for developer Togus Urban Renewal include a $65 million bond and a 30-year payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement. They will be voted on for a second and final reading at the city’s next regular council meeting in February, said Council President Gary La Pelusa.

The bond and PILOT were introduced as individual ordinances, and a third ordinance authorized a special assessment agreement, one of several protections the city is putting in place in case the project falls through or the developer is unable to make good on its payments.

“Following my reinstatement of the Film and Digital Media Tax Credit program and game-changing investments in our rapidly expanding film and television industries, production has exploded in the past four years as more people learn what New Jersey has to offer,” said Governor Murphy said. “This huge growth has fueled thousands of jobs for New Jersey residents while providing economic benefit to our towns and cities.”

Governor Murphy made the reinstatement of production tax credits a high-priority after his election in 2017. His predecessor, Chris Christie, ended a previous program after he was unhappy with the portrayal of the state and its residents in MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” which had received tax credits from the state. New Jersey further expanded its incentive program last year.

Last year saw Film and television production in New Jersey shatter all previous records in 2021, with the industry spending more than a half of a billion dollars in the state and creating more than 5,500 jobs. According to the state’s Film and Television Commission  industry bested its previous spending record by nearly $80 million. In total, New Jersey was home to 725 productions in 2021, including 68 feature films and 132 television series.

Film and TV production spending in New Jersey topped $650 million in 2022, a record level of lensing activity that reflects the Garden State’s efforts to woo Hollywood productions.  Production activity is poised to grow significantly in the coming years as New Jersey expands its infrastructure and soundstage availability. Netflix is building out a large studio complex in a long-shuttered Army facility in Fort Monmouth, N.J. Lionsgate has teamed with the state to build out a studio and performing arts complex in Newark and 1888 Studios in Bayonne.

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